February 2021 News

Greetings everybody!! We present you 25 new additions and some updated repacks with the new component-based installer. The idea behind it is the ability to include or exclude certain components, such as dgVoodoo (where possible), ThirteenAG's widescreen patches, CD images of 'NoCrack' releases and etc. Again, where possible!

So for example, certain games which need dgVoodoo (which isn't compatible with Windows XP) to even work, you will not be able to uncheck it as a component, but it will NOT be shown as a component option when you run the installer on Win XP or even run the installer with compatibility settings. That way, if you are installing a particular game on your old gaming rig with Windows XP, you will no longer need to manually remove dgVoodoo libraries. 

Repacks that are classified 'NoCrack' and need the CD image, the same principle will be applied as above. Other repacks which are also 'NoCrack' based, but can run without the CD image, you will be able to uncheck it as an option. And so on it goes. We will be slowly updating affected releases (100+ as we speak), which is essentially a suicide mission but, YOLO.

Should you update? Probably not for the most part, unless you are collecting our releases (which is wonderful), then yes. Check the changelogs and decide.

So here's the list with the new additions:

Severance - Blade of Darkness (Blade - The Edge of Darkness) (Full Game Repack Download)

Blade of Darkness Full Game Download

Long time ago, the Lord created Light and Chaos. He gave them souls, and thus two gods were born, the Spirit of Light and the Prince of Darkness. But the latter, envious of his father's power, learned the language of creation and attempted to bring a new demonic race to life. However, the creatures disobeyed their master. In the ensuing chaos, a sorceress named Ianna called forth a hero, who banished the Darkness, but was slain himself. Now, the time has come for four new heroes to obtain an ancient powerful weapon and destroy the forces of Darkness once and for all.

Blade of Darkness is a third-person action game with an emphasis on melee battles and combo attacks, similar to those found in fighting games. The player can choose to control any of the four available characters: the barbarian Tukaram, the dwarf Naglfar, the knight Sargon, and the Amazon Zoe. Each character has his/her unique strengths, weaknesses, fighting skills. Starting locations are also different in the four scenarios.

Terrawars - New York Invasion (Full Game Repack Download)

Terrawars - New York Invasion Full Game Download

Terrawars: NY Invasion is a budget-priced first-person shooter that takes place in an alien-infested New York City. You play as John Armstrong, a medical student that's been drafted into the Army National Guard to fight the aliens. The game plays in standard first-person shooter fashion: Move through the level, kill all the aliens, and try not to get killed by them. In some levels, you'll meet allies who will fight the aliens alongside you.

Your arsenal includes a knife, pistol, assault rifle, shotgun, sniper rifle, and grenades. Some enemies will drop "bio-matter" when they die, which allows you to upgrade your weapons for expanded clip size, faster fire rate, and increased damage.

Tamagotchi (Full Game Repack Download)

Tamagotchi Full Game Download

Manage your very own virtual pet based upon the popular electronic toy. Raise your very own Tamagotchi from egg form to adulthood if you can. The CD-ROM version adds a scrapbook, screensaver, more mini-games, and a day care center for when you're away from the PC. This game costs the same as purchasing a physical Tamagotchi.

Juiced (Full Game Repack Download)

Juiced Full Game Download

Juiced is a racing game, set in the fictive Angel City, that embraces the lifestyle and culture of street racing and tuning, similar to Need for Speed Underground, with slick, fully customizable cars, fast races, gaining respect and betting. The arcade mode offers quick races and in the custom mode you can set up events with unlocked cars and tracks. There are 52 vehicles from known manufacturers to acquire, and the game boasts a total of 7.5 trillion car customization possibilities. To make available all cars, tracks and parts, you need to progress in the career mode, where you build cars and participate in racing events to earn cash and respect. Aside from the traditional circuit and point-to-point races, there are also drag races (sprints) and show-offs with difficult maneuvers requiring advanced driving techniques.

When you achieve acclaim in the career mode, some of the eight racing crews in Angel City will offer a position on their team. Each crew has specific challenges and crew racing introduces additional gameplay elements. You have to organize events by phone, gamble, and race opponents for their cars (pink slip races). The team leader's respect is controlled by the amount of damage given and sustained (distress, which also affects the car's performance) and your personal car collection. In team races, there is a strategic element as you can control your team members' aggressiveness in-game.

Road Wars (Full Game Repack Download)

Road Wars Full Game Download

Road Wars is a futuristic racing game produced by InterActive Vision studio. Players race in armored and well-armed cars on 12 themed routes.
This is a cutting-edge vehicular combat racing game set in the not-so-distant future. The game thrusts you into the role of a Road Warrior. While racing for fame and fortune, you compete over 12 different Road War Association (RWA) sanctioned racetracks. Winning races results in increased notoriety and funds with which to upgrade and customize your vehicle. Various weapons and armor may be purchased, as well as better wheels, engines and a wide range of special add-ons.

Road Wars is different from other games of this genre due to a number of reasons: in this game, you choose to play one of twelve characters. Each character drives his or her own unique car. Not only do the cars have different characteristics, but the characters do as well. Certain characters will receive special treatment in the game. One such character is a mechanic who receives discounts when repairing and buying items in the garage. Others hold grudges and will be out to get you if you mess with them during a race. This also enables the game AI to give the characters strong personalities with which to put some original aspects into the game.

Road Rash (Full Game Repack Download)

Road Rash Full Game Download

This is a remake of the original Road Rash from the early nineties. For those who have not played the original, you are competing against thirteen other "Road Rashers" who will stop at nothing to win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. During the race, you have two options available to you: you can either do your best to cross the finish line, or use your weapon to bring the Rashers to the ground if they are giving you trouble. If you do the latter, your opponents will do the same to you during the next race that takes place.

There are five circuits to race: The City, The Peninsula, Pacific Highway, Sierra Nevada, and Napa Valley. Some of these circuits are dangerous. As well as the obstacles and traffic that you encounter along the way, there are also cops driving on bikes who will arrest you if you happen to crash or stop your bike near them, and you have to pay a fine in order to get in any more races. Your bike will be wrecked if you crash too many times, and you have to pay for damages, but the amount you have to pay depends on the bike that you are riding. Once you have completed the first five circuits, you have to race them again another four times - but at a much more difficult level. Manage to win all five circuits on all levels, and you win the Road Rash cup.