Hot Wheels - Stunt Track Driver (Full Game Repack Download)

Hot Wheels - Stunt Track Driver Full Game Repack Download

This is adventure racing with over 12 different cars including adventurous tracks through greenhouses, living rooms, sandboxes, while doing insane stunts, flips, spirals to get unlockables like hidden cars and power ups.

There are lots of customizations of cars and tracks that give you over 70 pieces to work with. Race a single race where you can race for fun without a time limit on any track or Cup where you can unlock tracks and see who's best with your favorite hot wheels car racing opponents.

Hot Wheels - Crash (Full Game Repack Download)

Hot Wheels - Crash Full Game Repack Download

In this game you are a stunt driver. Your goal is to produce the most spectacular crash possible. Drive one of 12 different Hot Wheels vehicles into one of 14 movie sets, controlling angle and velocity such that you will cause the wildest chain reaction of destruction. The more outrageous the crash, the higher you score. Levels include a construction site, fireworks factory, amusement park and more. After the stunt, you can check out the bird's eye view to perfect your crash technique. Additional levels are downloadable from the internet. Game package comes with a Hot Wheels car.

The object of the game as the title states, crash cars into buildings and structures in each level in order to earn points, with 100 being the goal. The game includes a total of 12 different vehicles and 25 different levels. There are 3 difficulties, and on each difficulty, there are 6 levels. Once 100 points on each level on a difficulty have been scored, a 7th level for the difficulty is unlocked that, after completion with 100 points, unlocks a special level. Once every special level for each difficulty has been fully completed, a final level is unlocked. There were also six downloadable levels available by typing down the password: "1234" on the Manuel, though the downloadable levels are now lost due to the shut down of the site.

Conflict - Vietnam (Full Game Repack Download)

Conflict - Vietnam Full Game Repack Download

Conflict: Vietnam is the third game in Pivotal Games' Conflict series, this time going further back in time to the bloody battleground of Vietnam. The game is set during the Tet offensive in the year 1968.

The player takes over the roles of four soldiers who aren't, contrary to previous games, elite S.A.S or Delta Force soldiers. In fact, they are normal American G.I. who are separated from their unit during battle and have to fight themselves through enemy territory with hordes of hostile Vietnamese.

Game can be played by issuing orders to every member of the squad or directly taking control over one of them. In every mission, there are one or more main and several bonus objectives, like destroying all tanks in the area or collecting Vietcong documents. For each achieved objective, killed soldier or destroyed vehicle, squad members get experience points. Each one of them has different abilities (Sniper, Leader, Heavy Weapons, Medic) which can be improved with these points. To defuse one of the numerous booby traps, it is necessary to have skills in that ability.

Conflict - Global Terror (Full Game Repack Download)

Conflict - Global Terror Full Game Repack Download

This installment of the Conflict series occurs in many diverse regions of the world: in Conflict: Global Terror, Red Team spends the game fighting international terrorism.

Rather than gung-ho desert tank warfare, or tense jungle ambush fighting, the game explores many non-army locations such as gas factories, cocaine production facilities and hotels.

The combat is often up close and very personal, although most levels mix up the killzone areas, giving a wide variety of combat situations over many varying ranges. Missions vary quite a bit too. Some are frenetic and fast-paced, with the team fighting for their lives, while others can be played at a much slower pace if desired. The level design really adds to counter-terrorism gameplay. Red Team is often busting sieges using C4 to blow holes in walls and smoke grenades to flush the bad guys out.

The gadgets are useful and are frequently found to be helpful: thermal goggles let the player see through smoke, and Bradley's laser designator can mark key targets for gunship air strike. Claymore mines allow the team to protect their rear or even set up ambushes.

Conflict - Denied Ops (Full Game Repack Download)

Conflict - Denied Ops Full Game Repack Download

Lincoln Graves is a 47-year old ex-Special Forces sniper and Reggie Lang is a former FBI-heavy weapons specialist. Graves doesn't really like Lang but they are now both agents of the CIA's Special Activities Division and their mission is to prevent a third-world dictatorship from gaining nuclear weapons.

This mission takes the team across three continents and through hordes of bad guys. To deal with them, both Lang and Graves have access to several types of weapons from pistols over snipers to machine guns, rocket launchers and several different kinds of grenades. But they also earn upgrades for these weapons after successfully finishing a mission. The first upgrade to Graves's 7.62m Sniper Rifle for example allows the player to fire a bullet around the corner or over low cover.

Since Lang and Graves are a team, the player is free to switch between both at any time and give orders to the currently AI-controlled comrade, including simple tasks like "Follow Me" or "Cover Me", but they can also complete an objective by themselves or bring the player's character back into the game when he took one bullet too much.