Robotron X (Full Game Repack Download)

Robotron X Full Game Repack Download

The arcade classic is taken to the next level, this time in 3D. The super-enhanced hero Ugene is once again called into action to save the last human family against the hordes of relentless Robotrons. Battle through 100 different levels, gaining new power-ups and abilities as Ugene survives wave after wave of the unrelenting hordes. While Ugene may face the familiar Robotrons, there will be new additions and tricks that the killer robots will use against the last surviving human family. Ugene must protect them at all cost while racking up the highest possible score!

South Park Rally (Full Game Repack Download)

South Park Rally Full Game Repack Download

Choose your character from the cast of the popular 'mature' cartoon South Park, and tear through the streets in this racing game. Your character's vehicle may be a little cart, trike, or box, for example. Weapons include rockets, Salty Balls, Cheesy Poofs, the beloved Cow and even an Anal probe. All of the voices are also included, making it feel more like the real cartoon than a rally game. You can also play an all-on-all 4 player mode.

Rollcage (Full Game Repack Download)

Rollcage Full Game Repack Download

Rollcage is a fast, furious 3D racing game from Psygnosis, combining elements from Death Rally with elements from Bullfrog's classic Hi Octane: Race five other drivers in an immersive 3D environment while shooting at your peers and avoiding their retaliation.

You have a wide selection of tracks and cars, along with options for multiplayer gaming and a vast array of configuration options. Cars can drive up walls, flip over, and continue driving. This makes for a very quick and fluid gameplay unlike any other at the time of this game's release.

Rollcage Stage II (Full Game Repack Download)

Rollcage Stage II Full Game Repack Download

This sequel to Rollcage can be considered as Wipeout on wheels. The game allows you to power your vehicle down tunnels at blistering speeds, riding upside down on the roof if need be, and blast your fellow competitors to smithereens!

There are new and improved weapons - including the ability to double up your arsenal; picking up the same weapon twice improves its power/abilities. There are 12 racing modes - not all of which are available at the start - and many hidden bonuses, all of which can be unlocked throughout the game. The game has new physics and vehicle handling, and uses shorter tracks than its predecessor.

Nuclear Strike (Full Game Repack Download)

Nuclear Strike Full Game Repack Download

After the Middle East, South America, the United States, and the former U.S.S.R, this fifth installment of the Strike takes the action to the heart of Asia, following the trail of Colonel LeMonde, who has terrorized South East Asia. LeMonde is armed with one prototype nuclear missile warhead, modified to catalyze a chain reaction that can completely destroy the ozone layer and thus irradiate the Earth. The hunt for LeMonde will take the player from Indocine (intended to suggest Indochina, the mainland of South East Asia), to the South China Sea to combat Napoleon Hwong, then to the heart of North Korea to uncover the nuclear schemes of Kym Zung-Lee (intended to suggest Kim Jong Il), and finally to Siberia for a final battle.

With the aid of fellow operatives, the player pilots the Super Apache, a fictional helicopter variant that is armed with Hellfire and Sidewinder missiles as well as Hydra cannons. Various other vehicles are also available during the course of the game, including tanks and jet fighters.