Last updated: 26 April, 2024

Q: I recently installed a repack of yours with dgVoodoo and now I have solid-colored (or white) polygons/textures instead of colored ones ?!?!

A: This is caused by a bug in the AMD graphics driver or dgVoodoo or both. With GPUs like GCN2 and newer this seems to be the case. Here's a small quote from Dege's site:
dgVoodoo D3D11 is broken with AMD GPU's (DirectX modules). I got a ton of reports complaining about solid colored polygons instead of textured ones. This problem seems to affect all GCN 2 and newer GPU's and I cannot do anything about fixing it. I don't have a clue what change in my code broke it and AMD probably won't fix their drivers so I don't care about it all anymore.
On the other hand, according to the feedback I got, D3D12 works as expected so this is your best bet on AMD hardware. If you get crashes with D3D12 after all then try to disable the 'Radeon Anti-Lag' feature for your GPU. I got a user report where that helped (thanks for that!!).
There are 2 workarounds for this, the first is to install the repack without dgVoodoo (if it allows you so) and the second workaround is to make dgVoodoo display the rendered content to the DirectX 12 API.
  1. Navigate to the installed repack's root folder
  2. Execute "dgVoodooCpl.exe" as Administrator
  3. Change the Rendering Output API to Direct3D 12 (feature level 11.0)
  4. Click Apply and OK. Done!

If the dgVoodoo program doesn't open, copy the dgVoodooCpl.exe & dgVoodoo.conf files to Desktop, open the executable from there, configure your options, click Apply and copy back those 2 files to the gamedir, overwriting the old files.

Q: I can't download X game! Here's what it shows:
A: According to MediaFire, this happens when they are updating their servers. Try again later

Q: I can't download this X game! The link doesn't work (or I just copy/pasted it wrong and you are to blame!!). Why the fuck do you post the links with an empty space, violating my woke comfort standards at the same time? (Added 11th April, 2024)
A: Because of THIS:
And here is more info:

Q: I have Windows 10/11 and some of your repacks that use DxWnd don't run at all!
A: Right click on the game's shortcut and click on "Open file location", right click on dxwnd.exe and in the compatibility tab check the box where it says "Run as Administrator". Click Apply and Ok. This is not the same as right-clicking on the desktop shortcut and clicking on "Run as administrator"! New repacks that use DxWnd are fixed with a compatibility patch that does the same but automatically.

 Some of your newer repacks don't even run or crash before starting a mission!
A: This is mostly seen with repacks that use DxWnd and some others. The startup crash is caused by some programs running in the background, such as Bandicam. On other occasions if you have a virtual machine in VMWare running, it could be also interfering. If you need to record your gameplay, probably the safest way is to use a capture card for these old games, as they are ancient and back in the day developers were making them without considering screen recording and the actual games were made for really ancient display technology such as very old DirectX versions.

Q: I don't have the specified programs running in the background and the game still doesn't start!
A: As a rule of thumb, you should always run the games with Administrator rights (from right-click menu on the desktop shortcut), since the repack installers install the games by default to the Program Files folder, unless you tell them to install somewhere else like X:\Games on a separate partition/hard drive.

Q: Yet they refuse to work after I applied compatibility settings!?!?!?! (Added 22nd October, 2023)
A: You applied a WHAT???? Never apply compatibility settings unless specifically asked to! Most games have modern fixes & patches and when you apply compatibility settings you only make things worse! People often get confused that since these games are old they must be run with compatibility settings but that is only true if you are installing an old game from an ISO from other website, but not from here.

Q: Hey, this X DxWnd repack asks for CD?!?!?!? (1)
A: Yeah, it will ask because you aren't using your computer properly. This happens when you install your crap to the D:\ drive, for example you install games to D:\Games (like many internet gurus advertise it to you), however this D:\ drive should be reserved for optical drives ONLY. Even if you don't have one. Until you change your habits, keep complaining

Q: Hey, this X repack asks for CD?!?!?!? (2) (Added 3rd April, 2024)
A: Not necessarily a DxWnd repack, but some games still ask you to insert the CD and that happens when you have zero (0) virtual or physical CD/DVD drives. Not sure why this happens and I unfortunately can't bypass that on all of the games. Check out our 'Tutorials' page for more info on how to set up Daemon Tools with a virtual drive.

Q: Why some games that use dgVoodoo have such a terrible performance on my crappy old computer? The System Requirements says this and that, aren't those games supposed to run perfectly?
A: No, the system requirements on every game's page are only what the original released ones back in the day. That doesn't mean they will run butter smooth for you. Some patches alter the system requirements and some (or even most nowadays) games that use dgVoodoo have enhanced graphics configuration, for example multiplied internal resolution to x2 or x3 times the original one of the game and also have multiplied antialiasing to x8. If you experience slowdowns with such kind of games, go to the gamedir, execute dgVoodooCpl.exe as administrator, go to the DirectX tab, set Antialiasing (MSAA) to "App driven" and set the Resolution to "Unforced". Click Apply and OK. If it still doesn't help, it's time to upgrade your box.
If the dgVoodoo program doesn't open, copy the dgVoodooCpl.exe & dgVoodoo.conf files to Desktop, open the executable from there, configure your options, click Apply and copy back those 2 files to the gamedir, overwriting the old files.

Q: I saw your repack on some other site and etc.. is it safe to download it from there? (Updated 13h January, 2024)
A: The only authorized site at the moment to upload our repacks is MyAbandonWare.com. Downloading from any other place that "mirrors" our repacks is at your own risk and we will not be held responsible for anything that may or may not happen to your computer!

Q: My antivirus program said that there is a virus in one of your repacks, but you promised us no viruses!
A: Relax, it's a false positive. Some games are using Tages as a copy protection mechanism and the cracks that our repacks utilize, function in some suspicious way to the antivirus to bypass this old & obscure copy protection. If you were to actually play a legal copy of X game with Tages, you could face more trouble than enjoinment, since you also need to install the Tages system drivers and good luck with newer Windows OSes! If you still wish, you could submit the suspicious file to Cuckoo's online sandbox analyzer - https://cuckoo.cert.ee/ and verify for yourself that there is nothing dangerous & shady behind the scenes.

Q: Can you repack X, Y & Z game(s)?
A: No.

Q: What are your 'NoCrack' releases?
A: 'NoCrack' repacks come with the actual CD image for the game that is repacked. The reason behind this, is that some games were never cracked, OR they do have a crack (NoCD), but the in-game music from the CD cannot be made to play unless the CD image is inserted/mounted into the drive. Games that fit the above criteria are released under 2 versions, a normal repacked one and a 'NoCrack' repack as of November 2020. The 'NoCrack' releases are obviously bigger in size. The new updated component-based installers allow you to choose whether to include the CD image or not. If the option is greyed out, then it means that the game needs the CD image.

Q: I'm kinda confused. If you do release 'NoCrack' repacks that contain the CD image for the game, then why do you even call it a repack?
A: Because it is still a repack! Just like every other repack, the game is first installed in an older system (mind you some installers are 16bit and leave alot of crap), then it is patched (if available), then is tested & re-tested under Windows 10, if it needs to have the CD image included then it is included with the game files and finally all of the goodies are packed into a proper installer.

Q: But I don't have Daemon Tools and/or don't know how to deal with virtual CDs!
A: Don't worry, check out our Tutorials page, there you will find step-by-step info on how to set-up Daemon Tools and a virtual IDE drive

Q: Okay, gotcha about the 'NoCrack(s)'. But I'm too lazy to even bother mounting/dealing with the CD images!
A: You have been taken care of :) When you install a 'NoCrack' release, the game shortcut on your Desktop will point to a batch "script" inside the game directory wherever it is installed. This script once executed, will first mount the CD image of the game with your default VirtualCD program (like Daemon Tools) and then it will execute the game executable. 

Q: What is the difference between GOG/Steam & MagiPack Games?
A: Our games are made just like GOG, only at zero cost and sometimes with better functionaity. Also, we are not quite fans of GOG.

Q: I can't join your Discord server!?!?!? It says "Invite only", when I click on your Discord link it redirects me to discord.com (Added 26th April, 2024)
A: And that is for a reason. We are a closed community of around 500+ members, we don't need no idiots like most of you who come here to ask for support without reading the God-damned FAQ.
Also, we, as a small community have established ourselves with our own kind of thing and beliefs, so even if you joined, you would be heavily disappointed (most of you). Still want to join? First of all make sure that you read what I said above and keep an eye on the main page. Usually on holidays I post a public invite for 24-48 hours, on the main page it usually says "Discord (Invite-only)", when the server has been opened, then the "(Invite-only)" part will be gone for a limited time. Think twice before joining our closed community and think quadruple when you have multiple accounts joining in the open season. Because I will fucking kick or ban your other accounts after I close the invitation period.