Tools & Runtimes

In this page you will find essential & important software that every computer should have.
The following software is runtime which is required to actually make the games work.

Last updated: 17.08.2022

  • Latest drivers for your graphics card
First of all, make sure that your computer is using the latest drivers for your graphics card. Do not rely on the Windows Update automatic driver installation as it tends to install older and/or broken drivers which may result in game crashes even if a repack has been made to work 110%. Visit below the appropriate links for your graphic card manufacturer:

(Use the Manual searching instead of the GeForce Experience and also it's recommended to NOT install it)



If you are unsure which graphics card model you have, download GPU-Z from the below link. This little tool will also help you learn if your graphics card supports DirectX 12 which will be useful later for some repacks.

If you have a processor which has integrated graphics for example AMD Radeon and also you have a dedicated graphics card for example Nvidia, install both drivers.

Side note: Intel has dropped native DirectX 9 (DX9) support for integrated graphics on its 12th Gen chips as well as Arc discrete GPUs, so, many, many games will not work at all if you have that kind of hardware.

  • 7-Zip (Use this to extract our releases)

  • DirectX Redistributables (June 2010)
    (Required for almost all games)
SHA256 - DirectX_Redistributable_June_2010.7z - 4808EB7E6B084A5A5083E2D1B5C82A731F6B71955D3E5FBDDC3FF6E2927609F8

  • Visual C++ Redistributables All-in-One Pack
    (2005 - 2017 + Older VB6 runtimes) (32 & 64bit)
    (Used by almost all programs)
SHA256 - Visual_C++_Redistributables_AIO_(May_2018).7z - 08D9615E283BB3A13CCE936514710A4BA3E9841CBF78D6723E481E0633DE9D17

  • Visual C++ 2015 - 2019 Redistributables (32 & 64bit)
    (Used by almost all programs)
SHA256 - Visual_C++_2015_-_2019_Redistributables_32_64bit.7z - 28DAD2674F24CE9D8621825095EC1E81CC0950A31C7B275F4FB0A84F6DEA9FD8

  • Microsoft XML Parser v4.0 SP3 Runtime
    (Used to display text in games such as Halo 1)
SHA256 - MSXML_4.0_SP3.msi - 47C2AE679C37815DA9267C81FC3777DE900AD2551C11C19C2840938B346D70BB

  • XNA Framework Redistributables (v1 to v4)
    (Used by games such as Terraria)
SHA256 - XNA_Redistributables_AIO.7z - F073C275C026197FFEE757E625A6CFFB275DF7907E4135FA0308C097A7E33A17

  • Unreal Engine 3 & 4 Redistributables
    (Used by some games made with Unreal Engine)
SHA256 - Unreal_Engine_3_&_4_Redistributables.7z - D255E2EA8896248C604F6DFA8AEC2CBD35C76FC49795F50F5956A728BCE2CAF4

  • Games for Windows Live v3.5.56
    (Used by some modern games that use Windows Live, usually our releases don't need this, but we put it here for consistency)
SHA256 - gfwlivesetup.exe - C9DC8DA0A972FC885C965454BF1D69A44B269CA7CF295CCADCF888BFBDECE5F5

  • Nvidia PhysX System Software v9.19.0218
    (Might be used for some games)
SHA256 - PhysX-9.19.0218-SystemSoftware.exe - 4F36389FCBFBDEF4781FB85E7A68373542903235F65D93F7143693738324917C

  • QuickTime v7.7.9
    (Used by some games such as  "The X-Files - The Game" Note: You don't need to install the actual player, since it is pretty much obsolete nowadays, just install the first component as shown below in the picture)
SHA256 - quicktimeinstaller.exe - 56EFF77B029B5F56C47D11FE58878627065DBEACBC3108D50D98A83420152C2B

QuickTime Installation

  • Enable DirectPlay on Windows 10 (DirectX component, used by many older games)

In start menu type: control appwiz.cpl,,2
Enable DirectPlay as follows:

Click OK and restart your system.

  • Enable/Disable legacy Indeo video/audio codecs
Indeo codecs are used to play videos in some old games, Micro$haft has disabled those codecs since Windows Vista, but the .dll files seems to be present inside system folder (atleast on Windows 10).
Just import the registry file to enable or disable them

SHA256 - - C48BD5228EC996E0ECC5F5F0AB822D3BA485BE3AB4596E49C3E924D645CC5A33

  • Xpadder (Maps keyboard buttons to any external gamepad, as long as it can be seen by Windows)
Use this for games (or just about any other software), that don't support gamepads or don't work at all with your gamepad if you have Xbox, PlayStation or any other
(Sorry cannot post it here since Xpadder is done by a single person and he deserves the support. It costs only $9.99, but if you are a hardcore pirate, you can find it on RuTracker - the version from 2017 which is bundled with gamepad profiles and gamepad pictures)

  • DAEMON Tools (For playing our NoCrack releases on older Windows (7, XP, 2000, 98, 95))
This is only meant for older OSes, if you have Windows 10, then you don't need this since those versions included are not compatible with Win10.
WARNING: Your antivirus might flag some files as PUPs or malware, it is a false alarm. We stand by our word that it won't harm your computer!

Password: MagiPackGames

SHA256 - DaemonTools.rar - C8A6C848B233472863E21078A92E78BDB82CCC2CD78AA6FF3D0463A76C3C808C

  • HashTab
    (Use this tool to verify hash sums in file properties right-click menu)
For Windows 7 to 10 v6.0.0.34
SHA256 - HashTab_v6.0.0.34_Setup.exe - B8FF1DD80F370B137922A9DD2D8B04E16FD4F8681458F92C566E65E2E80724AD

For Windows XP v5.2.0.14
SHA256 - HashTab_v5.2.0.14_Setup.exe - 65889A4C015630F0AB467E9403EF479B7659125279EB2063505C71D8320CD989