Why MagiPack Games

What is a repack?
"Repackaging" of any sort of software, especially games is when you take a program or a game, apply patches to it, maybe fix one or two bugs and repackage it in a proper installer made to be simple to use & install.

Our game repacks are full, with working in-game audio/music (where possible) & fully compatible with Windows 10! Since we actually use Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 where we make the stuff, so you can be assured that the game just works. Every game passes testing and is only published here until we've made sure that it works the way we intend it to!

Just download, extract, install & play. Simple as that! If you experience issues with any of our repacks make sure to first check out our "Tools & Runtimes" page, as there you will find essential runtime software that every computer should have in the first place.

Why MagiPack Games?
We are big fans of old-school classic games with easy-on-hardware graphics (not like as in a real movie on bluray), so we mainly do game repacks of games made 1995 - 2005 (might make an exception here and there).

Making old classic game repacks is a lifestyle for us. Every repack that we make, we first put our hearts into it, then we spend countless of time making it actually work and finally we test it and re-test it! Here are some key points to consider why our game repacks are worth your time:

  • No viruses or malware - EVER
Besides of making & testing the repacks, at the final phase we make sure we scan the games so that you can be safe from viruses. Every repack that we make is accompanied with SHA256 hash sums for the file archive(s) or the game installer. This way you will know that the release hasn't been tampered with and it is truly made by MagiPack Games.

  • Works with Windows 10
While Windows 10 is the future (some might disagree and who could blame them), our releases are made sure that they fully work in Windows 10 (without the need to be bundled with additional VMs). If a game doesn't work on Windows 10, then it isn't released here. Period.
We use 'Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019' for all of our systems and that's where we make our repacks. So you can be assured that we hold on our words!
As a side note, please make sure that you check our "Tools & Runtimes" page, there you will find essential runtime software that every computer should have! Like for example DirectX runtimes.

  • Smallest file sizes
Our game installers are first compressed as much as possible and then packaged in a 7Zip or RAR archive(s). Take for example the GTA III release, the game originally comes in 2 CDs, we have managed to make it fit into one CD, that is of course, with the game audio & music!

  • No RIPs/cuttings
Don't you just hate it when your game doesn't include the in-game music and or audio? Or just it's missing cutscenes? We hate it too. Our game repacks come from the full source, so that they have everything that was intended to be in the actual game. And as mentioned above, our releases are compressed to the smallest posible sizes, at installer level.

  • Patches & NoCD
Yes, you heard it right. We first apply the latest game patches (if available) and then we 'slap' a NoCD fix into them. Who would like the headache of inserting the game disc into the computer every time before playing a game? And as a matter of fact, Windows 10 by default doesn't come with the old & outdated SecuROM layer, used to check game discs if original or counterfeit. That means if you have a particular original old game disc in your possession, you cannot play your game on Windows 10. That's where we come to save the world! We eliminate the need for that old SecuROM system, so that your games work flawlessly in your new Windows 10 computer ;)

  • Extra fixes
Since the games that we repack are old & classic, most of them are made for old computer monitors with square-shape screens. They usually don't support widescreen resolutions for modern monitors and that's why we sometimes modify the games to support widescreen monitors. While this is a somewhat difficult and time-consuming process, we do not guarantee that all of our releases will include this extra fix, but we try our best. In the future we might update some of our releases with the mentioned fix.