Driver - You are the Wheelman (Full Game Repack Download)

Driver - You are the Wheelman Full Game Download

As Tanner, you're going undercover to be the wheelman for a crime syndicate in order to break open a big case. On the way, you'll eliminate competition, drive getaway cars, scare some people silly, evade plenty of police, dodge bad guys, smash through a few windows, save your love interest, and much more through four cities (Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York).

Perform authentic manuevers like donuts, 180 spin, 360 spin, reverse 180 spin, and more as you cut through alley ways, across sidewalks and parks, smash park benches and and drive over traffic cones. Many different cars to try (most you'll recognize). Will you save the day?

Also includes pratice modes such as Practice, Carnage (cause as much damage as you can), Dirt Track (time trials), Pursuit (you chase someone), Survival (4 super cops chase you), Lose the Cop (avoid that one cop on your back), and Drive About (just drive about the city and admire the scenery).

Game also includes a full director's mode, allowing you to place cameras to catch the best moments in the custom replay file.

System Requirements
OS: Windows 95, 98
CPU: Intel Pentium 233 MHz (350 MHz+ Recommended)
RAM: 16MB (64MB Recommended)
Hard disk: 600 MB
GPU: 4MB 3D Accelerator Card (8MB+ Recommended)

Driver - You are the Wheelman Full Game Download

Driver - You are the Wheelman Full Game Download

Driver - You are the Wheelman Full Game Download

Driver - You are the Wheelman Full Game Download

Repack Notes
- US version
- Patch v2.1
- NoCD
- Fully working music from the original CD (ripped audio tracks as .ogg & working with "winmm.dll")
- In-game music working fine without looping
- Game executables modified to support the following resolutions
1280 x 720
1366 x 768
1920 x 1080
Should you encounter any problems just replace game executables with the non-patched ones from game directory - "~Backup" folder.
If in game the tyres of the vehicle aren't visible then try configuring the graphics with "Primary Display Adapter" or "dgVoodoo Graphics Adapter"
While configuring the display settings your display may flicker and the config setup may stop working, in such case try again and again until it works
- Redefined keyboard buttons to use W,A,S,D while driving, R-Shift to spin wheels & Space key for handbrake
- Works with Windows 10

Repack v2 changelog:
- Enabled cheats screen
- Maxed out graphics settings
- Added AppCompat flags in the registry for Desktop Window Manager - 8 and 16 bit mitigation (DWM8And16BitMitigation)
Without this the game configuration wouldn't start on some systems

Repack v3 changelog:
- dgVoodoo included

Repack v4 changelog:
- Fixed a noob mistake from back in the days when 'MagiPack Games' was established -- this version now includes cutscenes!
Keep in mind that this game was the first one that started it all with the repacks ;)
- To enable Carnage Mode, on main menu select "Car Chases", then "Load Film Replays", select "1. Carnage Mode", when it loads the replay press Esc button and Exit the replay (unless you wanna watch it). Now you have Carnage Mode (your car essentially destroys all other cars)

Repack v5 changelog:
- The installer is now component based and dgVoodoo is no longer forced, which means the game is now again playable on Windows XP
You can also choose whether to include game cutscenes & music or not
- The original (4:3 aspect ratio) executables are now named "config.exe.original" & "Game.exe.original" in the root directory of gamedir
- Fixed a minor installer bug

Repack v6 changelog:
- Just found out this level patch which fixes some collision problems in New York City and Los Angeles
Allright there should be no more updates, having that many updates just shows you the commitment & effort put to make the best of the best

Download (290MB)

Driver_-_You_are_the_Wheelman_Repack_v6.rar - 67628ACEE0DD54BDBD5002DA18347C402137C6883F07662B49581BC26239C141


  1. Hello, thank you for great repack, but i have some issue with hud only in widescreen modes