PSX Doom for PC (Full Game Repack Download)

PSX Final Doom for PC Full Game Download

Final Doom is a standalone game and does not require Doom II to run. The PC version is widely considered to be significantly more difficult than both Doom and Doom II.
The gameplay in the PlayStation version of Final Doom is nearly identical to that found in the PlayStation version of Doom, and, in addition, it was compatible with the PlayStation Mouse. Compared to the PC original, the PlayStation version's overall difficulty was significantly reduced. Many of the harder levels were removed and those that remained often had enemies taken out (most noticeably the Cyberdemon being removed from the level 'Baron's Lair'). As in the original PlayStation version of Doom, many of the larger levels from the original PC versions of Final Doom and Master Levels for Doom II were removed, and both the Arch-vile and Spider Mastermind monsters were removed, due to technical constraints. This limited the PlayStation version to 30 levels in total. The more traditional rock tracks featured in Final Doom were replaced by a creepier ambient soundtrack by Aubrey Hodges, who later composed the music for Doom 64 in 1997.

There are several noticeable alterations to the presentation of Final Doom in the PlayStation version compared to the PC version. The simplistic title screens featured in the PC version have been replaced by a more elaborate title screen that features the animated flame-filled sky texture from the original PlayStation version of Doom. Many of the levels' sky textures have been replaced by different ones; some levels' skies are replaced by sky textures seen in previous Doom games, whereas others now feature a new starry sky texture. Finally, most of the level layouts are simplified, similar to previous Doom console ports, and the frame rate of the game is often lower than it was in the first PlayStation Doom game.

System Requirements
CPU: Any processor that supports SSE, 1GHz
RAM: 128MB
Video: Any video card made after 2003
HDD: 500MB

PSX Final Doom for PC Full Game Download

PSX Final Doom for PC Full Game Download

PSX Final Doom for PC Full Game Download

PSX Final Doom for PC Full Game Download

Repack Notes
Repack v2 changelog:
- The WADs now use GZdoom v1.9.1 x86 on Windows XP, v4.4.2 x86 or v4.5.0 x64 respectively depending on your OS & architecture

Download (280MB)
https://ouo .io/nNbJB5P (remove the space before .io)

PSX_Doom_for_PC_Repack_v2.rar - CB98669E87EFC580074DF8CF7BB7DFB2D2DEE526733D4F9844CAB3CACE187183

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  1. I reckon it had far better soundtrack ,an ambient alike sounds,contrary to pc version dumb music tracks.


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