Scarface - The World is Yours (Full Game Repack Download)

Scarface - The World is Yours Full Game Download

The game begins during the final scene of the film, with Tony Montana's (voiced by André Sogliuzzo) mansion under attack from assassins sent by Alejandro Sosa (Robert Davi). Unlike in the film, however, Montana is able to over-power Sosa's men and escape the grounds, just as the DEA and Miami-Dade police arrive. Sosa then receives a call from one of his men, who says Tony's mansion is on fire and being seized by law enforcement, his drug empire is reduced to nothing, and he is certain Tony is dead. Meanwhile, hiding in a safehouse in the Miami glades, Tony laments the deaths of his friend Manny and sister Gina, curses himself for not listening to the advice of others due to his stubbornness, determines to quit cocaine, and vows retribution on Sosa.

Three months later, Tony returns to Miami. All of his assets have been frozen, and the districts of Miami he used to dominate have been divided among other drug cartels. His first act is to ask George Sheffield (James Woods) to become his lawyer again. Sheffield reluctantly agrees, but at a higher wage than before. As Tony has no authority now, he has no choice. He next travels to see his old friend and contact Felix (Carlos Ferro), who tells him Sosa is working with Gaspar Gomez (Cheech Marin) in an effort to take over all of Tony's old turf. He also warns Tony that there are very few dealers who can be trusted anymore, as most report back to Sosa. Tony says he needs to make some small deals so he can make enough money to buy his mansion back from the Vice Squad, and begin to rebuild his empire. Felix advises him to speak to a waitress named Coco (Nika Futterman). She puts him in touch with some dealers, as he slowly begins to re-establish his name, earning enough to re-purchase his mansion. He calls Felix, who tells him that he thinks Gaspar is smuggling cash. Tony steals one of Gaspar's trucks, carrying $50,000, and uses it to open a bank account. Reconnecting with his old banker, Jerry (Michael York), Montana uses the bank to launder his money as he sets out to reclaim control of Little Havana from the Diaz Brothers. As Tony's reputation increases, the brothers plan to have him murdered. He survives the assassination attempt, and one of the killers tells him the Diazes have killed his mother. Killing them both in retaliation, he regains control of Little Havana.

Tony then gets a call from Pablo (Wilmer Valderrama), an associate of Sheffield's. He tells Tony they have information regarding the location of Tony's estranged wife, Elvira, and he arranges to meet. However, the meet is a trap. Tony escapes and kills Pablo, realizing that Sheffield has turned against him. Meanwhile, he sets about taking control of Downtown from the Contreras cartel. Upon doing so, he is contacted by The Sandman (Steven Bauer), a cocaine producer from the Caribbean islands south of Miami. Sandman also wants Sosa out of the picture, and he invites Tony to come to see him. They agree that with Tony in Miami selling Sandman's product from the islands, they can run Sosa out of business. Tony then meets Venus (Cree Summer), Sandman's ex-girlfriend and a powerful influence on the islands herself. She tells him of the owner of a nearby casino, being run on a disused oil tanker, who is killing women and dumping their bodies overboard, and asks Tony if he can take care of it. The man turns out to be Nacho Contreras, formerly in control of Downtown's drug trade. Tony travels to the casino and kills Nacho.

He next sets about taking control of South Beach and North Beach, both of which are controlled by Gaspar Gomez. Upon doing so, he is contacted by The Sandman, who tells him he is going to war with the Colombian drug cartels. However, the Colombians get word of Sandman's plan and attack his plantation. Tony helps defend it, but Sandman tells him the Colombians have taken over his processing lab on the island of Tranquilandia, and are holding the workers hostage. Tony heads there, killing the Colombians and rescuing the hostages. Upon returning, The Sandman sells Tony his plantation, meaning Tony is now in charge of production and distribution, making him the most powerful drug lord in the area and allowing him to finally go after Sosa, who is in Bolivia.

At his mansion, Sosa is hosting a meeting with Sheffield and Gomez in which they are discussing how best to get rid of Tony. From outside, they hear an explosion, as Tony attacks the house. Fighting his way through the grounds, he kills Sosa's security people, before shooting and killing Sheffield. Heading further into the estate, he kills Gomez. Eventually, he confronts Sosa, who tells Tony he warned him not to betray him, but Tony did, referring to the planned assassination of a journalist which Tony refused to carry out because there were children in the journalist's car. Sosa says that in their business, sometimes children have to be killed. Tony then kills him. As he leaves the mansion, Tony finds one of Sosa's men still alive. The survivor begs for his life, and Tony offers him a job.

The game ends with Sosa's surviving henchman working as Tony's butler, as Tony and Venus watch television in a Jacuzzi. Feeling good about his life, Tony declares he finally has what he always felt was coming to him: "the world."

System Requirements
OS: Windows 2000/XP
CPU: Pentium 4 1.8 GHz or AMD equivalent
RAM: 256 MB
GPU: ATI Radeon 9200 or NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500 with 128 MB VRAM
Hard disk: 2.9 GB

Scarface - The World is Yours Full Game Download

Scarface - The World is Yours Full Game Download

Scarface - The World is Yours Full Game Download

Scarface - The World is Yours Full Game Download

Repack Notes
- Patch v1.00.2
- SilentPatch applied
- Tested OK without any graphic glitches

Repack v2 changelog:
- Updated SilentPatch to the 12 Feb, 2022 version
- Added dgVoodoo as a FPS limiter & capped the framerate @ 60FPS
- Added Xinput controller support, but you might need to turn off Vibration to avoid crashes
- Seems like the previous repack wasn't compatible with Windows XP, fixed

Repack v3 changelog:
- Removed dgVoodoo
- Updated SilentPatch & Added ThirteenAG's FusionFix with a capped framerate of 60FPS (should also provide modern gamepad support)

Download (2GB)
https://ouo .io/gk3kDZ (remove the space before .io)

Scarface_-_The_World_is_Yours_Repack_v3.rar - E3998D329C3184C89FB5F1531F68924B6BC8F5DFFEE3A9D1526BE8780CE070F9

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