Stubbs the Zombie - Rebel Without a Pulse (Full Game Repack Download)

Stubbs the Zombie Full Game Download

In 1933, Edward "Stubbs" Stubblefield is a poor traveling salesman during the Great Depression, who tries to make a living. He temporarily finds happiness with a girl named Maggie Monday, but he meets his unfortunate end when Otis, Maggie's father, comes home, and kills him, dumping his body in the wilderness.

26 years later, the city of Punchbowl, Pennsylvania, founded by multi-billionaire playboy industrialist Andrew Monday, Maggie's son, has been built directly on top of Stubbs' not-so-final resting place. At its opening ceremony in 1959, Stubbs rises from his grave as a zombie and decides to get his revenge by eating the brains of the inhabitants of Punchbowl, quickly creating his own army of the undead, causing increasing amounts of havoc as the zombies clash with the various militant factions of the area. Beforehand, Stubbs heads to the Punchbowl Police Station where he is captured and the police chief planning on dancing on Stubbs' grave, but he escapes by ripping his arm off and using it to control an inmate to release his restraints. Stubbs soon made his way to the chief's office where they have a dance-off before the chief dances to the armoury, unaware he has Stubbs' pancreas on him which explodes, killing him.

As he makes his way, eating brains of the civilians, Stubbs kills Otis Monday by blowing up his house after a brief reunion. Shortly before this, in a barn (spoofing the war film Patton), Stubbs stands in front of an American flag hanging from a barn wall and gives a speech to his zombies. Though the speech consists only of the word "Brains" said in many tones with limited gestures, his zombies apparently understand him well enough to let loose a cheer of "BRAINS!" before shuffling away.

Stubbs soon goes to the dam where he decided to contaminate the water by urinating in it and having some zombies complete electric circuitry to blow up the dam.

Stubbs eventually reunites with Maggie and the two lovingly embrace—with Stubbs promptly eating her brain. Before her brain was eaten, Maggie revealed Stubbs was in fact Andrew's father, who got Maggie pregnant prior to his death. The angered Andrew tries to get his revenge on Stubbs by killing him from behind the force field, halfway destroying Punchbowl. Stubbs, however, must destroy the force field and loom toward Andrew, but Maggie, now a zombie, convinces him to spare their son. The game ends with Stubbs and Maggie sailing off on a small rowboat, kissing as Andrew and all of Punchbowl are destroyed by a nuclear bomb to cleanse the undead infestation, and they both "live" happily ever after.

System Requirements
OS: Windows 2000
CPU: Intel Pentium III 700 MHz
RAM: 256 MB
Video card: 64 MB VRAM

Stubbs the Zombie Full Game Download

Stubbs the Zombie Full Game Download

Stubbs the Zombie Full Game Download

Stubbs the Zombie Full Game Download

Repack Notes
- Patch v1.02
- Tested OK on Windows 10

Repack v2 changelog:
- Included dgVoodoo inside

Repack v3 changelog:
- Integrated ThirteenAG's widescreen patch into the repack (no longer separate)
- For some reason the game executable *might* remain running in the background when you quit the game
Use Task Manager to kill it after you've finished playing

Repack v4 changelog:
- New component-based installer

Repack v5 changelog:
- The repack has been completely redone with the 2021 re-release of the game which supports native widescreen, controller support and bug fixes
64bit only and Windows 7 or newer only! Also make sure that your graphics card supports DirectX 11 otherwise the game will not run
Remember to uninstall the previous repack if you have it with a dedicated software uninstaller such as Revo Uninstaller! Backup your saves first from the specified location above

Repack v6 changelog:
Due to some complaints about the "remaster" not being compatible with Windows 7, I brought back the original 2005 retail game and combined them both into one installer. (Use at own risk!)
2005 retail changelog:
- Completely redone with the v1.02 patch, integrated OpenAL v2.1 and ThirteenAG's widescreen fix (which is now made to work on Windows XP as well)
dgVoodoo is not included since the original game uses OpenGL and dgV is completely useless in that case (no idea why PCGW recommends it since when you configure it to show the dgV watermark it is nowhere to be seen which means that it is NOT utilized at all)
Also since I have a new gaming workstation (compared to my old trusty lappy back in 2020 when I initially made this repack), the 2005 retail game doesn't show me screen resolutions in the options (maybe because I have integrated AMD graphics and a dedicated RTX 3060), however it does work fine on my old lappy. So have that in mind

If you are fine with the 2021 re-release then you don't need to redownload this repack revision unless you want it for collection purposes

Download (3.50GB)
https://ouo .io/7txwO2 (remove the space before .io)

Stubbs_the_Zombie_-_Rebel_Without_a_Pulse_Repack_v6.rar - A1CB0ED55447E0136EC0DC4E119FF3828CC9B5608CCF640A9561A4564A1E1686

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