Age of Empires (Full Game Repack Download)

Age of Empires Full Game Repack Download

Age of Empires (AoE) is a history-based real-time strategy video game developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft, and the first game in the Age of Empires series. The game uses the Genie Engine, a 2D sprite-based game engine. The game allows the user to act as the leader of an ancient civilization by advancing it through four ages (the Stone, Tool, Bronze, and Iron Ages), gaining access to new and improved units with each advance.

Originally touted as Civilization meets Warcraft, some reviewers felt that the game failed to live up to these expectations when it was released. Despite this, it received generally good reviews, and an expansion pack, titled The Rise of Rome, was released in 1998. Both the original Age of Empires and the expansion pack were later released as "The Gold Edition". A sequel, Age of Empires II, was released in 1999. Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, a remastered version of the game, was released on February 20, 2018.

Age of Empires requires the player to develop a civilization from a handful of hunter-gatherers to an expansive Iron Age Empire. To assure victory, the player must gather resources in order to pay for new units, buildings and more advanced technology. Resources must be preserved, as no new resources become available as the game progresses; for example, trees that are cut down will not grow back.

Twelve civilizations are available, each with individual sets of attributes, including a varying number of available technologies and units. Each civilization has technologies unique to them, so that no civilization possesses all the technologies possible within the game.

A major component of the game is the advancement through four ages. These are the Stone Age (Mesolithic/Nomad/Paleolithic), the Tool Age (Neolithic/Chalcolithic), the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. Advancement between ages is researched at the Town Center, and each advancement brings the player new technologies, weapons, and units.

System Requirements
OS: Windows 95, NT, 98, 2000, ME
CPU: Intel Pentium 90 or higher
RAM: 16 MB or 32 MB
Hard disk: 500 MB
GPU: Local SVGA bus video display 1 MB of VRAM DirectX 5 compatible

Age of Empires Full Game Repack Download

Age of Empires Full Game Repack Download

Age of Empires Full Game Repack Download

Age of Empires Full Game Repack Download

Repack Notes
- AOE patch v1.0c (no widescreen unfortunately)
- AOE - Rise of Rome patch v1.0a + UPatch HD 1.1 R4 (widescreen support)
- You need to have .NET Framework 4.0 or later installed

Repack v2 changelog:
- Added Redbook CD music for the base game, the expansion doesn't need it since it has been patched with UPatch and it utilizes HQ mp3 tracks
- Widescreen support with dgVoodoo for the base game, highly recommended that you install it to solve potential graphics bugs
- Renamed the repack

Repack v3 changelog:
- Updated the UPatch HD to v1.2-R3
- dgVoodoo has been replaced with DDrawCompat, since it caused the expansion's screen to go black unless you randomly clicked on a menu entry. No more widescreen for the base game sorry about that

Download (410MB)
https://ouo .io/r3M80P (remove the space before .io)

Age_of_Empires_Repack_v3.rar - F8C407B9E562125946EE181E1A2F9E608C24759910B50E33268E4FFDC572B928