Dracula - Resurrection (Full Game Repack Download)

Dracula - Resurrection Full Game Download

Dracula: Resurrection begins by recounting the final scene of Bram Stoker's original novel. In the year 1897, protagonists Jonathan Harker and Quincey Morris ambush the caravan of Count Dracula and his minions in Borgo Pass. Although Morris dies in the struggle, the pair succeeds in killing Dracula and releasing Jonathan's wife Mina from her psychic enslavement to the vampire. Afterward, an ellipsis takes the story forward seven years. The Harkers' new life in England is disrupted by Mina's sudden disappearance, and Jonathan finds a letter from his wife that suggests Dracula's involvement. He subsequently tracks her to Transylvania. Stopping for directions at the Borgo Pass Inn, he has a brief encounter with two suspicious characters, followers of Dracula. Jonathan questions the innkeeper Barina about Dracula's castle, but she warns him against traveling there in the dark, especially as it is Saint George's Eve, a night on which evil spirits move freely.

Jonathan gets directions to the castle from Micha, a bar patron, who suggests using the bridge near the inn. He claims that the building is abandoned, and that Dracula has not been seen since his death. However, Dracula's henchmen Goran and Iorga roam the countryside around the inn, and Iorga stands guard at the bridge to prevent Jonathan's passage. Jonathan travels to a nearby cemetery, where he sees a mysterious blue light near a representation of Saint George. Using a pickaxe, he digs up a section of the ground there and discovers the Dragon Ring beneath. When Jonathan brings the ring back to Micha, he warns him that it relates to the evil Dracul, somehow connected to Dracula, and that dragons are associated with Hell in Transylvania. Micha also informs Jonathan that the followers of Dracula, Viorel and his henchmen, have recently become active again after a long disappearance, and questions who they could be working for.

Jonathan manages to trick and knock out Iorga and Goran, opening the path to the bridge and the henchmen's cabin. Viorel is angered and begins to search for the perpetrator; in terror, Barina bars the doors to the inn. The bridge collapses when Jonathan attempts to cross it, which forces him to find another way. After he sneaks back into the inn, Barina tells him that her husband had died after finding a tunnel in the basement, and gives Jonathan access to his journal. The book explains that the Dragon Ring is a key to Dracula's lair, to which the tunnel leads, and that Barina's husband had hidden the ring in the cemetery to keep the door closed. Jonathan uses the Dragon Ring to enter, and is ultimately led to an abandoned mine shaft below the henchmen's cabin. Above, Viorel cuts the rope to Jonathan's elevator. Now trapped underground, Jonathan explores and uses the Dragon Ring to forge a path to Dracula's castle. As he travels, it is revealed that Dracula is watching, and that his plan was always for Jonathan to bring the Dragon Ring into his domain.

Upon arriving inside the castle grounds, Jonathan progresses with the help of the Dragon Ring. He soon opens the cell of an old woman named Dorko, a witch imprisoned by Dracula and kept outside the main castle by a curse. She was once a follower of Dracul, Dracula's father, until Dracula banished her after his father's death. She offers to help Jonathan find Mina in exchange for her own freedom. Theorizing that his wife is held in Dracula's crypt under the watch of Dracula's brides, Dorko explains that two objects are necessary to locate Mina: an amulet and the medal of the Dragon Brotherhood. Dorko opens a passage into the castle for Jonathan, and he begins to explore Dracula's realm, including his library and personal quarters. In the library, Jonathan discovers a letter addressed to him, in which Dracula tells him that he has walked into a trap, that Dracula himself has left for London and that his brides will kill Jonathan when nightfall arrives.

Continuing to explore with the help of the Dragon Ring and Dorko's advice, Jonathan finds the medal and opens the way to Dracula's secret chamber. There, a journal entry reveals that Dracula had met Leonardo da Vinci in 1468 and taken the blueprint for his ornithopter, which Dracula has successfully constructed and placed in the castle tower.[ Jonathan proceeds to the crypt and takes the amulet, but is cornered by Dracula's brides, who claim that Dorko is using him. However, they are unable to attack him directly while he holds the Dragon Ring, and plan instead to wait until he falls unconscious from exhaustion. Jonathan opens a window to drive the brides away with sunlight and proceeds to the attic. Dorko then confronts him and demands the amulet, the curse having been lifted when Jonathan took the object.

When Jonathan gives her the amulet in exchange for Mina, Dorko betrays him, explaining that she wants to rule with Dracula as she had with Dracul. She plans to use Jonathan, Mina and the Dragon Ring to prove her loyalty and secure her position with Dracula. Dorko locks them in the attic, but Jonathan uses the Dragon Ring to open a path for the ornithopter to launch. Dracula's brides arrive and attempt to stop Jonathan's escape in the machine. However, he eludes them and flies out with the unconscious Mina. As the game ends, he remarks that Mina can never be safe while Dracula lives, and that he must defeat the Count once and for all upon their return to London.

System Requirements
OS: Windows 95, 98
CPU: Intel Pentium III
RAM: 32 MB
Hard disk: 1.2 GB
GPU: DirectX 6 compatible

Dracula - Resurrection Full Game Download

Dracula - Resurrection Full Game Download

Dracula - Resurrection Full Game Download

Dracula - Resurrection Full Game Download

Repack Notes
- dgVoodoo included
- Tested OK on Windows 10

Repack v2 changelog:
- New component based installer

Download (930MB)
https://ouo .io/WxcOMG (remove the space before .io)

Dracula_-_Resurrection_Repack_v2.rar - 2C8EDA3AA9E25971B7258DFC8EBB4633A4D4E9A61E6B6CDA9BE3A9B72ABD36AD

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