Hexen - Beyond Heretic (Full Game Repack Download)

Hexen - Beyond Heretic Full Game Download

Following the tale of D'Sparil's defeat in Heretic, Hexen takes place in another realm, Cronos, which is besieged by the second of the three Serpent Riders, Korax. Three heroes set out to destroy Korax. The player assumes the role of one such hero. Throughout the course of his quest, he travels through elemental dungeons, a wilderness region, a mountainside seminary, a large castle, and finally a necropolis, before the final showdown with the Serpent Rider.

A new series feature introduced in Hexen is the choice of three character classes. Players may choose to play as a fighter (Baratus), a cleric (Parias), or a mage (Daedolon). Each character has unique weapons and physical characteristics, lending an additional degree of variety and replay value to the game. The Fighter relies mainly on close quarter physical attacks with weapons both mundane and magical in nature, and is tougher and faster than the other characters. The Mage uses an assortment of long-range spells, whose reach is counterbalanced by the fact that he is the most fragile and slowest moving of the classes. The Cleric arms himself with a combination of both melee and ranged capabilities, being a middle ground of sorts between the other two classes. Additionally, certain items, such as the flechette (poison gas bomb), behave differently when collected and used by each of the classes, functioning in a manner better suiting their varying approach to combat.

Hexen introduces "hub" levels to the series, wherein the player can travel back and forth between central hub levels and connected side levels. This is done in order to solve larger-scale puzzles that require a series of items or switches to be used. The player must traverse through a hub in order to reach a boss and advance to the next hub.

The inventory system returns from Heretic with several new items such as the "disc of repulsion" which pushes enemies away from the player and the "icon of the defender" which provides invincibility to each class in a different manner.

System Requirements
OS: Windows 95
CPU: Intel 386 or Intel 486
RAM: 4 MB or 8 MB
Hard disk: 200 MB

Hexen - Beyond Heretic Full Game Download

Hexen - Beyond Heretic Full Game Download

Hexen - Beyond Heretic Full Game Download

Hexen - Beyond Heretic Full Game Download

Repack Notes
- Game version 1.1
- dgVoodoo is included for full & widescreen experience
- The Hexen Deathkings of the Dark Citadel expansion WAD is also included, but we have no clue how to get it to work
- Game music from the CD ripped as .ogg tracks and are included
- Tested OK on Windows 10

Repack v2:
- Completely reworked with GZDoom v1.9.1 x86 (WinXP), GZdoom v4.4.2 x86 & GZdoom v4.5.0 x64
The installer will install either 32bit or 64bit version of the engine depending on your OS
- Hexen - Deathkings of the Dark Citadel expansion also included with separate shortcut
- Added H!Zone level collection
- Fixed widescreen sprite cutoffs on screen corners

Download (40MB)
https://ouo .io/2XGTyE (remove the space before .io)

Hexen_-_Beyond_Heretic_Repack_v2.rar - 7E3F7AF5D274EF5D482DBA6A4C5532DD7A8869D3654455A4BC9B9E28DB877E32

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  1. For the Hexen Windows 95 version, to choose between main game and Death Kings expansion, in game launcher, click next until you go to the "Custom WAD file" page. Here choose "none" for the main game, or "hexdd.wad" for the expansion. (if you choose the expansion, you have to select the start map. This is common for playing custom wads. In most case, just choose the 1st map)