Bad Mojo + Redux (Full Game Repack Download)

Bad Mojo + Redux Full Game Download

The story takes place in July 1958 in a rundown bar owned by Eddie Battito. Roger, one of Eddie's tenants, has stolen a million dollars worth of loan money from a science corporation he had previously worked for and is planning to leave for Mexico City to start a new life. But after a small argument with Eddie, he remembers a little trinket that he had gotten in his early childhood: a cockroach-patterned locket that belonged to his deceased mother, Angelina. Upon its discovery, the locket transforms Roger's soul into a cockroach, and transports him to a mysterious sewer system connected to every section of the bar. His adventure takes him to the basement (which is also Eddie's bedroom), the bathroom, the kitchen, the bar room, Roger's room and finally his research room. As the roach (Roger) explores a world filled with danger at every turn, including rats, garbage disposals, and his own pet cat, Franz, he is constantly being guided by his mother's spirit, who serves as an oracle.

The game explores the sad past of both Roger and Eddie, revealing that Roger had been abandoned to an abusive nun, was the center of bullying as a young man, and was never taken seriously by his superiors. Eddie has had just as bad a life, having his beloved wife die during childbirth and giving up his son out of grief and his livelihood stumbling. Eddie does not realize that his wife, Angelina, was Roger's mother, nor does Roger know that Angelina was Eddie's wife. During Roger's exploration, he is forced to extinguish the pilot light to a gas stove in the kitchen to save a baby cockroach that, in turn, assists him in jamming the garbage disposal with a spoon. This act eventually causes the whole bar to be filled with gas. Roger must then set off a smoke detector to wake Eddie and then finally reach the locket in his own unconscious body's hand. With both men safely out of the bar when it explodes, Roger and Eddie discover that they are, in fact, father and son, which was exactly as the oracle planned.

There are four possible endings to the storyline. If Eddie makes it out and Roger doesn't (if Eddie is warned of the fire but Roger is left on the floor), Eddie ends up as a homeless drunk. If Roger makes it out and Eddie doesn't, Roger tries to flee the country but is caught, charged with Eddie's murder, and remanded to an asylum for the criminally insane. If neither make it out, the ghost of Angelina narrates, telling of the death of both men, the destruction of the bar for urban renewal and that the ghosts of all three souls haunt the area where their dreams died. If both of them make it out, Eddie recognizes the cockroach locket (that contains a photo of Angelina) and they reconcile as re-united father and son before both reveal the truth about their past. The family is reunited and they travel together to Mexico with the embezzled money, which Eddie uses to buy a new bar while Roger sets up a small lab to study roaches.

System Requirements
OS: Windows 98, XP
CPU: Intel Pentium III 800 MHz
RAM: 16 MB or 32 MB
Hard disk: 700 MB

Bad Mojo + Redux Full Game Download

Bad Mojo + Redux Full Game Download

Bad Mojo + Redux Full Game Download

Bad Mojo + Redux Full Game Download

Repack Notes
- This game(s): Bad Mojo & Bad Mojo Redux are troublesome with the way their engines deal with the configuration file badmojo.ini, used to store game options and to specify subdirectory locations (making the games fully portable without the need for CD or crack). In scenario 1, the game first looks for badmojo.ini in %windir% and if there isn't one, it looks for it in the gamedir. Take a note of the above. In scenario 2, when you (successfully) load the game and you want to change the preferences, the game automatically stores it's own version of badmojo.ini in %windir%. When you launch the game the next time, kiss goodbye your installation, since the file @ %windir%\badmojo.ini contains only specific game options and not the location of game subdirectories. Do you get it till now? Cool. Now, here's what our repacks offer: when you install any of the game variations, you will have the main shortcut on your desktop. This shortcut is linked to a batch script, which, when executed, calls for fart.exe (Find And Replace Text - inside gamedir), changes the subdirectories location in the file badmojo.ini inside gamedir with your current installation location (wherever thay may be), deletes badmojo.ini in %windir% (doesn't matter if there isn't one) and finally starts badmojo.exe with applied compatibility settings for desktop resolution @ 640 x 480 (for the Redux version) and desktop resolution @ 640 x 480 & 256 colors for the original Bad Mojo, since both versions are hardcoded @ 640 x 480 and dgVoodoo or anything else doesn't help at all. Seems complicated at first, but everything has been done for you. RUN THE SHORTCUT AS ADMINISTRATOR!
- These repacks don't need for QuickTime to be installed on your system, as they already contain QT runtimes inside
The original Bad Mojo uses some obscure QuickTime version 2.x and the Redux version uses a very specific v6.x (credits to GOG for their implementation of QuickTime, otherwise you would have no sound in the cutscenes for the Redux version)
- Redefined keyboard controls to use WASD for movement, everything else doesn't need to be touched/configured
- The original Bad Mojo is 16bit and is NOT COMPATIBLE WITH OTVDM under 64bit Windows - tested and confirmed, instead, get yourself the newer 'Redux' version form 2004

Download (370MB | 300MB)
https://ouo .io/YN789t (remove the space before .io)
https://ouo .io/RXb1OdZ (remove the space before .io)

Bad_Mojo_Redux_Repack.rar - 23DAEDB06C9C1AEE0488B9AB4C7623757F61F65CD3408514E2ADF46ACF684A0B
Bad_Mojo_Repack.rar - 760D04878FCB9803E7202E0CB9108B1365C1C683C574C376FA5896A1A7301FAD

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