Outlaws (Full Game Repack Download)

Outlaws Full Game Download

Marshall James Anderson had been a great gunfighter. He had worn the badge of the law and put men to death or to jail. But a Marshall can only travel alone so long. And so James Anderson retired; he got himself a wife, got himself some land, got himself a daughter and dedicated himself to the peaceful life of a home on the range.

The Gentleman, Bob Graham, has other plans for James Anderson's plot of land however. It sits right along some prime real estate for where the railroad is going to go, and whoever could own that land might be able to get rich setting up a town. So Bob hires himself up some of the roughest and toughest ruffians west of the Mississippi to try and "persuade" Anderson and the other land-owners to sell or abandon their lands.

James Anderson returns home from town one day to find his homestead aflame, his wife killed and his daughter abducted by Bob's henchmen. Not willing to trust in the fates, Anderson dusts off his six-shooter, digs up his buried shotgun and dons his old tin star. He's about to follow the trail of these men across deserts and valleys, until he finds his daughter.

Outlaws is a first-person shooter set in the American Old West, featuring hand-drawn graphics and a stylized soundtrack. Locations include outdoor as well as indoor areas, most with a characteristic Western flavor: a small town with one main street and a saloon, a canyon, a speeding train, and others. The Marshall uses firearms such as a revolver, single- and double-barrel shotgun, a rifle (with or without a sniper scope), and others. In dark areas James can light a lamp, for which he will have to find canisters of oil.

The game contains no supernatural elements: enemies encountered in it are exclusively human. The gameplay focuses on combat, though exploring the levels is necessary in order to locate various keys needed to unlock the next part, or discover secret areas. Manual reloading of the guns is required during combat.

A secondary game mode, called "Historical Missions", allows the player to relive Anderson's rise to the rank of U.S. Marshal. Each of the missions involves the protagonist capturing a killing a criminal, preferably recovering gold stolen by them. Ranks (Deputy, Sheriff, and Marshal) are awarded to the player upon a mission's completion.

System Requirements
OS: Windows 95
CPU: Intel Pentium 60 MHz
RAM: 16 MB
Hard disk: 800 MB
GPU: 256-color SVGA

Outlaws Full Game Download

Outlaws Full Game Download

Outlaws Full Game Download

Outlaws Full Game Download

Repack Notes
- Users have reported that the GOG version of this game doesn't properly load CD audio tracks
This repack is sourced from the portable installer by Swede1872 and of course, the 2 full CD images
So, all credits go to Swede1872
- The game includes all official patches and the v2.0.2 Direct3D patch
- Handful of Missions addon included
- Includes 54 additional missions (or so), manual, strategy guide and a nice launcher menu
- When you select a mission from the menu launcher (other than the original game), the game will start, after that click on "Historical Missions" to play the custom stuff
- Swede1872's launcher is bundled with portable Winamp player, _inmm.dll and a PDF viewer (originally SumatraPDF, but we replaced it with MuPDF v1.0 - it's blazing fast)
Also, the batch scripts originally killed explorer.exe and launched PowerShell to always set a desktop icon, we have removed those lines of code
The killing of explorer.exe probably had to do with the game window when switching missions, if it isn't full screen then click on the game window to make it full screen again
- So, like mentioned above, the launcher uses the portable _inmm.dll and portable stripped-down version of Winamp to play the CD audio tracks, which are only executed when the game is executed
- If you were to use the alternative installer, it would be asking you to have Winamp installed, which is not nice and it doesn't include extras & extra missions, this is far better
- dgVoodoo D3D & Glide .dlls included
- Mouse Helper v1.2 included
If you want it disabled, make a new shortcut to Menu.exe
- Works fine on Windows 10, but mind you that we use 'Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 1809', with Windows Defender and SmartScreen crap disabled through Group Policy,
these two pieces of crap could prevent you from running the game and/or bring you more headaches
- Tested also OK on Windows XP, if you remove the dgVoodoo .dlls (D3D8.dll, D3D9.dll, D3DImm.dll, DDraw.dll, Glide.dll, Glide2x.dll, Glide3x.dll & dgVoodoo.conf)
- Don't forget to run the game as Administrator!

Repack v2 changelog:
- The installer now adds the required registry keys for _inmm.dll, previously some users reported that they had no in-game music and trouble with the registry import
- dgVoodoo is now configured with x2 the internal resolution, but it doesn't appear to make much sense anyway

Repack v3 changelog:
- Added more missing registry keys
- Maxed out graphic settings in Direct3D mode (don't change any advanced settings including for sound otherwise you will have problems & crashes)
Now it appears that the out-of-window problem has been solved (?)

Repack v4 changelog:
- The launcher now doesn't play the launcher music, since it conflicts with the in-game music
(Menu.mp3 has been renamed to Menu.mp3.bak)
- dgVoodoo has been updated to v2.72

Repack v5 changelog:
- New component-based installer, dgVoodoo doesn't install on Windows XP

Download (370MB)
https://ouo .io/xWB8cV (remove the space before .io)

Outlaws_Repack_v5.rar - 0FD2B977C40CD4B3DC6BD61F72F6D744F3ABF2024DD9E91F5FF07086EE19B693

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