Dreams to Reality (Full Game Repack Download)

Dreams to Reality Full Game Download

In this game you are Duncan - a man, who must save the worlds of Dream and Reality from dark force. World of dreams allows you, for example, to fly between islands in the sky or to make your clone. You will encounter some peaceful creatures, who can talk to you and help you with your quest, and evil ones, who want to take away your will and must be killed. So you jump and run your way through the ancient land in search for the well of mankind's dreams.

From a third-person perspective, the player navigates the game world, gathering magic powers and weapons and finding friends. Movement options include walking, flying and swimming.

System Requirements
OS: Windows 95
CPU: Intel Pentium
RAM: 16 MB or 32 MB
Hard disk: 700 MB
GPU: SVGA/VESA/Glide supported GPU or Direct3D/Glide supported GPU

Dreams to Reality Full Game Download

Dreams to Reality Full Game Download

Dreams to Reality Full Game Download

Dreams to Reality Full Game Download

Repack Notes
- The game uses DxWnd to work properly, which has been configured for fullscreen and the FPS has been limited to about 15 FPS to prevent crashes
The game shortcut points to a batch script, which executes fart.exe (Find And Replace Text) to properly modify current installation location strings and then it executes DxWnd
- DO NOT change installation directory! Like \CRYO\DREAMS subfolder structure location must not be changed, you can install the game to a different drive
- Music and data from both 2 CDs has been included
- The installer creates 2 shortcuts, the one is GDI (ddraw or Glide) and the other one is DirectX
- Tested OK on Windows 10, so far so good without crashes, but mind you this game is very buggy

Repack v2 changelog:
- Eliminated the need for use of fart.exe, this could prevent problems with non-administrator accounts
- Reorganized files

Repack v3 changelog:
- Repack is completely redone with DOSBox-X & nGlide 3Dfx mode for a hassle-free experience
WARNING: If the game goes out of focus during gameplay, DOSBox-X will likely hang and it might be restored with Alt+Tab, if not simply kill the process with Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc)
This is caused by the original glide driver from the game not being loaded. It can be restored in gamedir\CRYO\DREAMS by renaming the file glide2x.ovl.bak to glide2x.ovl
However the graphics won't look knife-sharp and you also might get stuttering in the audio
Also don't forget that the CDs can be swapped with F11 + D

Download (970MB)
https://ouo .io/QcGlpO (remove the space before .io)

Dreams_to_Reality_Repack_v3.rar - BA4E5175B1B3027ECCE66BE474D85929B0899E6FD8C06A29AA7D68CA363B5BC3


  1. The link is dead. Please up date. Really need this game repacked. Got problem running it normally and the controls in DOS/3Dfx versions are really bad.

    1. The link is not dead, Safelinking.net is just down at the moment... It should be back online sometime

  2. First of all: thank you for such an amazing site!
    Secondly: I have a question regarding this game. I'm geting `insert disc 2` message in 'Shaman's Grotto'. How to fix this? I didn't changed subfolder names you mentioned above, however I installed this game in drive D. Big thanks in advance!

    1. That's most probably the problem, even if you install the game in another drive, this D:\ drive should not even have any files and should not be formatted as a storage drive, instead make it into your physical optical drive if you have any or a virtual optical drive with Daemon Tools

    2. You know what I will actually update the repack and add the DOS version too, which might be a better idea

  3. Wow. Thank you for quick reply. Yes indeed adding DOS version is a great idea. AFAIK this game has 3dfx video mode, but I don't know how to activate it though. Please test when you have the time if you gonna get 'insert disc 2' message in 'Shaman's Grotto' either ( the moment in the game when you collect all 3 letters). Your site is the only place where I can find the full english version of this game on the web.
    You and your dedication should recieve way more praise and recognition!

  4. In other words: I should change letter of my optic drive to D?

    1. You. Are. Living. Legend.
      You made the most definitive version of this game.
      Everything works like a charm (for the most part).


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