The Need for Speed SE (Full Game Repack Download)

The Need for Speed SE Full Game Repack Download

Drive some of your favourite sports cars through wild and fast tracks, including the Dodge Viper, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Corvette, Mazda RX7, Toyota Supra Turbo, and Acura NSX. Some of the tracks are open road, meaning you simply fly down a huge highway, with cops following in hot pursuit. One of the options in the game allows you to pick which time of the day to race in.

The original Need for Speed was released for 3DO in 1994 with versions released for the PC (DOS) (1995), PlayStation and Saturn (1996) following shortly afterwards. The Need for Speed and its Special Edition were the only games in the series to support DOS, with subsequent releases for the PC running only on Windows. (Excluding Need for Speed Carbon which was also released on Mac OS X)

The first installment of The Need for Speed was the only serious attempt by the series to provide a realistic simulation of car handling elements through the direct collaboration of Staff members from Road & Track. Electronic Arts left the handling dynamics tuning with the automotive magazine's seasoned drivers to match vehicle behavior including realistic over and understeer that remains impressive decades later, as well as sounds made by the vehicles' gear control levers and other functions. The game contained vehicle data with spoken commentary, several "magazine style" images of each car, and short video-clips highlighting the vehicles set to music. Most cars and tracks are available at the beginning of the game, and the objective is to unlock the remaining locked content by winning tournaments. This version featured chases by police cars, a popular theme throughout the series.

Another version called The Need for Speed: Special Edition, was released only for the PC in 1996. It featured support for DirectX 2 and TCP/IP networking, two new tracks, but dropped the ever-popular flip and go in favor of the more generic scene reset after an accident, a portents of the arcade style gaming that would dominate the series ever after.

System Requirements
OS: MS-DOS 4.0 (5.0 for Special Edition) or later
CPU: 75 MHz Intel Pentium
Hard disk: 700 MB
GPU: 256 color VESA-compatible, SVGA-compatible, 512K of VRAM
Sound card: Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster 16, Sound Blaster AWE32, Sound Blaster Pro and 100% compatibles, Gravis Ultrasound/ACE and 100% Compatibles, Ensoniq Soundscape, Microsoft Sound System

The Need for Speed SE Full Game Download

The Need for Speed SE Full Game Download

The Need for Speed SE Full Game Download

The Need for Speed SE Full Game Download

Repack Notes
- Running with DOSBox v0.73
Install, run, play
- Included manual, technical reference card & covers
- This marks our first DOS repack (GOG style) and is probably safe to say that officially GOG has (another) competitor(?)

Repack v2 changelog:
- The repack has been completely redone with DOSBox-X, featuring widescreen mode (optional)

Download (480MB)
https://ouo .io/nFbc7xE (remove the space before .io)

The_Need_for_Speed_SE_Repack_v2.rar - 8AD446AE11631731C108CEED81CD88655692564B9B7C72E3E78E5FDAE5FDF9BF

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  1. just installed it....though there's a very minor jitter in the intro vids....the rest works butter smooth