Destruction Derby (Full Game Repack Download)

Destruction Derby Full Game Download

Destruction Derby is a vehicular combat racing video game based on the sport of demolition derby. The game contains three vehicles. Collisions in the game affect the controls of each car, limiting their steering and maximum speed. Frontal collisions risk damage to the car's radiator, which causes the car to overheat and stop running. Four game modes are available: Destruction Derby, Wreckin' Racing, Stock Car Racing and Time Trial. In Destruction Derby, the player earns points by destroying other cars in a large, trackless arena called The Bowl; in Stock Car Racing, the player must finish in first place, and no points are awarded for destroying cars. Wreckin' Racing is a hybrid of the two, in which the player earns points both by winning the race and by destroying other cars. Time Trial is a solo time attack mode. The PlayStation version features system link play for two players, while the MS-DOS version has an online multiplayer mode.

You probably feel like a crash test dummy when you're playing this game - it's not only a racing game, but you get points for wrecking your enemies! The amount of points you get depends on how you hit them... e.g. you get more points for getting them do a 360 other than driving into theirs sides at high speed. The game has more to offer: a head to head mode with only two cars or the legendary destruction derby itself - a huge arena, every car starts at the edge of it, and then - have a nice crash!

System Requirements
OS: DOS 5.0
CPU: Intel 486DX
Hard disk: 700 MB

Destruction Derby Full Game Download

Destruction Derby Full Game Download

Destruction Derby Full Game Download

Destruction Derby Full Game Download

Repack Notes
- The game runs with DOSBox v0.74-3
Install, run, play
- Patched for NoCD (but it still includes the CD image and mounts it for the CD music to work)
- Included 2 manuals

Download (540MB)
https://ouo .io/rEpkzJ (remove the space before .io)

Destruction_Derby_Repack.rar - BFEB5920C41D9BFE5E25377A7A348C39D7AE25316B72253CA3BE332FE2CBA5B7

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