FIFA 2001 (Full Game Repack Download)

FIFA 2001 Full Game Download

FIFA 2001 comes back to the series' fast-paced roots. The gameplay is balanced differently to previous versions, and includes online play as an option.

It includes 17 leagues from around the world in addition to over 50 national teams. Exhibition, Tournament, League, Cup, Season, and Training modes are available to play, ranging from simple round-robin competition to simple knock-outs to combinations of the two, and the player rosters are as up-to-date as possible.

System Requirements
OS: Windows 95, 98
CPU: Intel Pentium MMX 166 MHz or Intel Pentium 266 Mhz
RAM: 32 MB or 64 MB
Hard disk: 400 MB
GPU: PCI or AGP video card, 2 MB of VRAM, DirectX 7 compatible or PCI or AGP 3D graphics accelerator using Glide or Direct3D compatible chipset, 4 MB of VRAM

FIFA 2001 Full Game Download

FIFA 2001 Full Game Download

FIFA 2001 Full Game Download

FIFA 2001 Full Game Download

Repack Notes
- dgVoodoo included
- Tested OK on Windows 10

Download (245MB)

FIFA_2001_Repack.rar - 0CE0A562681F6DC43B836A5390D4EFB0FF42BE7F19192804DF00037F226AFE49

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