Empire Earth (Full Game Repack Download)

Empire Earth Full Game Repack Download

Age of Empires is set in the past, Command & Conquer explores the future, but up to now there was no real-time strategy game that covered the whole breadth of human history. Empire Earth fills this gap and lets you wage war with everything from prehistoric stone thrower up to futuristic battle-mechs.

Empire Earth’s mastermind Rick Goodman was lead designer of the original Age of Empires. Similarities are thus hardly surprising; in fact, his new game can be considered a 3D version of its predecessor. Despite the graphical leap, the game’s look and feel are very familiar - AoE fans will feel perfectly at home. The perspective is fixed in an isometric view, camera management is not required. In your quest to crush the opposition, you build settlements, collect five resource types, recruit troops (land, sea, air) and, well, fight battles. Unit improvements are no longer researched in buildings, but can be bought at once for each unit type. For example, you can increase your tanks’ hit points, attack value, armor, speed and range separately -- for a price. It's your choice whether to spend your income on a huge army, or on an advanced one. Throughout the campaign, you also earn civilization points for heroic deeds; you can spend these on general unit improvements, e.g. reducing your archers building time by 30%, or making your citizens 20% faster.

The game’s four campaigns span the entire history of warfare: conquer the Mediterranean as the Greeks, lead the English from the middle ages to the battle at Waterloo, change history by making the Germans victors of the First and Second World War, and finally create a Russian empire in 2025. The campaign missions are heavily scripted and contain quite a few adventure elements; for example, you must lead William Duke of Normandy safely through enemy ambushes. As the scenarios focus on a set time frame, you don’t advance through the 14 epochs (from the Prehistoric Era to the Nano Age). In skirmish mode and in multiplayer battles, however, you may lead your people from caves into skyscrapers.

System Requirements
OS: Windows 98, 2000, XP
CPU: Intel Pentium II 350 MHz, Intel Pentium III 600 MHz or equivalent
RAM: 64 MB or 128 MB
Hard disk: 650 MB
GPU: 4 MB or 32 MB of VRAM, DirectX 8.0a compatible

Empire Earth Full Game Repack Download

Empire Earth Full Game Repack Download

Empire Earth Full Game Repack Download

Empire Earth Full Game Repack Download

Repack Notes
- The main game has been patched to v2.0
- The Art of Conquest expansion included (component-based installer)
- The game(s) run through Neo-EE client (no crack applied and it is not needed)
But if you want to play online multiplayer, you need to reinstall the included Neo-EE client because this repack doesn't include any CD keys and they are required to play online. Reinstalling Neo-EE registers its' own CD keys and you are good to go
- If you have graphical glitches, go into 'Game Settings' under 'Graphics', change the 3D Acceleration from 'Direct 3D' to 'Direct 3D Hardware TnL'
- Zoom Changer included and can be run inside the start menu group folder (not tested)
- Manuals and the official Prima Guide included inside gamedir

Zoom Changer README:
For 1920x1080 resolution, I recommend the following values:
Zoom: -40.5
Cull: 55.0

Download (544MB)
https://ouo .io/B3l6Pgi (remove the space before .io)


Empire_Earth_Repack.rar - 5EDA01FFE714451C491D17B467ABF6CD73E81BF8FF2A232436B6A59AB23A9EE8


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