Delta Force 2 (Full Game Repack Download)

Delta Force 2 Full Game Repack Download

Delta Force 2 is the sequel to the award winning Delta Force. In this game, you play as an elite member of the Special Forces DELTA squad, a secret, government funded anti-terrorism squad.

The Delta Force series are first-person shooter games that focus on one thing: realism. From the amount of shots it takes to kill, to the wind affecting sniping, and the terrain affecting the speed at which you are able to move, the game stresses realism.

The single player mode consists of many missions, taking you all over the world to disrupt the threat of terrorism. Missions range from assassination attempts to overtaking enemy installations. The multiplayer game utilizes Novalogic's NovaWorld matching service to set up matches consisting of up to 32 players. Multiplayer modes range from Capture the Flag, to DeathMatch, and King of the Hill.

System Requirements
OS: Windows 95, 98, NT
CPU: Intel Pentium II
RAM: 64 MB
Hard disk: 500 MB
GPU: SVGA-compatible or Nvidia Riva TNT, DirectX 6 compatible

Delta Force 2 Full Game Repack Download

Delta Force 2 Full Game Repack Download

Delta Force 2 Full Game Repack Download

Delta Force 2 Full Game Repack Download

Repack Notes
- Patch v1.06.15
- dgVoodoo included and can be installed optionally for widescreen
- The game runs with the Software renderer, do NOT switch to the Hardware renderer! It is broken on modern Windows

Download (185MB)
https://ouo .io/IcUOJB (remove the space before .io)

Delta_Force_2_Repack.rar - 00BD05F8D8D2988B1DA49C2C5BBB7DD9B3C2DE17623D9B6F1F8D4E5C73C562C6

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