Tank Racer (Full Game Repack Download)

Tank Racer Full Game Repack Download

Tank Racer is a 3D action racing computer and video game developed by the Glass Ghost team at Simis and published by Grolier Interactive, copyrighted in 1998 and released on March 30 1999.

There are four different play modes to choose from: Cup Mode, Single Race Mode, Multi-player Battle Mode, and Multi-player Racing Mode.

In Cup Mode the player's aim is to win all three "cups" in the World Tank Racing Championship (WTRC). Each cup has its own four tanks for the player to choose from, and one secret tank that is unlocked upon completion of the cup (making a total of 15 playable tanks in the game). There are 8 different tracks, although some of them are reused meaning there are a total of 15 races.

Upon completion of each cup, "bonuses" are unlocked. These include three tanks, a music player (which lets the player choose any of the songs from the soundtrack to listen to), the ability to re-watch the 'outro' videos for each cup, special game settings (which includes 'overhead view', 'dual control', a 'hover tank', the option to change the sound effects to 'human voices' and 'guitar squeal') and three 'secret' mini arcade games (a one or two-player Pong clone with tanks called "Ping"; a one-player top-down view maze tank game called "Tank 2001", the name of which might allude to the Arcadia 2001 game console; and a one-player Asteroids clone, called "Space Tank", again with a tank).

Single Race Mode is similar to the Cup Mode, the difference being the player can play any race they choose to (as long as they have already completed that race within the Cup Mode system), and of course it's just a single race.

In Battle Mode the player can battle other players in one of eight special battle arenas (some of which are based on the racing arenas, and some of which are unique). How many "cups" the player has won in Cup Mode affects the speed of the tanks and the power-ups. Each tank has an energy/health bar, and when this is depleted, the game is over for that player.

The multi-player Racing Mode lets players race against each other on 6 tracks. There is also a Catch-up mode to help less experienced players.

The main difference between the PC and PlayStation releases is in the Multi-player modes. On the PC edition up to 6 players can take part in a race or battle over LAN or "direct IP", whereas on the PlayStation edition it's a maximum of two players using a split screen.

The game features ten Drum and bass music tracks by artists Ramone and Trigger, Waterloop, Substance, D-Tour, Bay Tremore, Vim! and Dharma.

System Requirements
OS: Windows 95, 98
CPU: Intel Pentium
RAM: 16 MB
Hard disk: 300 MB

Tank Racer Full Game Repack Download

Tank Racer Full Game Repack Download

Tank Racer Full Game Repack Download

Tank Racer Full Game Repack Download

Repack Notes
- Patch v1.01 (exclusively cracked by Màgito)
- Widescreen support with dgVoodoo on Windows 7 and newer (with x3 times upscaled screen resolution)
There is also a configuration shortcut inside group menu folder mainly for graphics settings
- CD music & manual included
- Tested OK on Windows 10 (Make sure that you have DirectPlay enabled!)
Also the installer MUST be run as administrator, as it executes a script after installation to properly modify the game's installation path for the cutscenes to work

Download (260MB)
https://ouo .io/o2jEpz (remove the space before .io)

Tank_Racer_Repack.rar - 5EE80913209F6B04E487A7DAD5B553A955813EB86E94AEBDABDE4C717AFB33AA

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