Nuclear Strike (Full Game Repack Download)

Nuclear Strike Full Game Repack Download

After the Middle East, South America, the United States, and the former U.S.S.R, this fifth installment of the Strike takes the action to the heart of Asia, following the trail of Colonel LeMonde, who has terrorized South East Asia. LeMonde is armed with one prototype nuclear missile warhead, modified to catalyze a chain reaction that can completely destroy the ozone layer and thus irradiate the Earth. The hunt for LeMonde will take the player from Indocine (intended to suggest Indochina, the mainland of South East Asia), to the South China Sea to combat Napoleon Hwong, then to the heart of North Korea to uncover the nuclear schemes of Kym Zung-Lee (intended to suggest Kim Jong Il), and finally to Siberia for a final battle.

With the aid of fellow operatives, the player pilots the Super Apache, a fictional helicopter variant that is armed with Hellfire and Sidewinder missiles as well as Hydra cannons. Various other vehicles are also available during the course of the game, including tanks and jet fighters.

System Requirements
OS: Windows 95, 98
CPU: Intel Pentium 133 MHz or Intel Pentium 166 MHz
RAM: 16 MB or 32 MB
Hard disk: 800 MB
GPU: 2 MB of VRAM, DirectX 5 compatible

Nuclear Strike Full Game Repack Download

Nuclear Strike Full Game Repack Download

Nuclear Strike Full Game Repack Download

Nuclear Strike Full Game Repack Download

Repack Notes
- Patch v1.3
- The game runs with DxWnd and uses nGlide
- Full cutscenes/videos & music
- Tested OK on Windows 10 & XP
Also the installer MUST be run as administrator, as it executes a script after installation to properly modify the game's installation path for the whole game to actually work

Potential unresolved issues:
- Cursor "melts" screen - the only "solution" available is to hide the cursor off-screen and use the arrow keys to navigate.
- Game crashes when selecting the mouse options menu
- Random crashes on menu
- Missing sounds

Download (610MB)
https://ouo .io/w1bckX (remove the space before .io)

Nuclear_Strike_Repack.rar - 8EDFEF3D74A3D86E6DDB7E23972EF30E283B946F52FA05745E3C807DB75DC0B5

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