Wings of War (Full Game Repack Download)

Wings of War Full Game Repack Download

Wings of War takes you back to World War I, as you take to the skies in a variety of early combat airplanes and fight off the German armada.

The game is played as a 3rd-person arcade flyer in which most physics are downplayed in favor of arcade action. You can collect power-ups that can upgrade your engine, the amount of machine-guns you carry, replenish your health and shield (yes, shield) and increase the number of bombs and rockets you carry. You can also swap planes in mid-air, man turrets in AI-controlled bombers and even ground vehicles.

The game features a single player campaign composed of several missions with dozens of mandatory objectives as well as optional ones played which reward extra points and/or upgrades. Also available is an online multiplayer mode with standard combat and CTF modes, as well as a customizable instant action mode.

System Requirements
OS: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP
CPU: 1 GHz
RAM: 128 MB or 256 MB
Hard disk: 1.5 GB
GPU: Nvidia GeForce 2, ATI Radeon 7500, 32 MB of VRAM or Nvidia GeForce 4, ATI Radeon 9700, 64 MB of VRAM

Wings of War Full Game Repack Download

Wings of War Full Game Repack Download

Wings of War Full Game Repack Download

Wings of War Full Game Repack Download

Repack Notes
- Patch v1.2
- Tested OK on Windows 10 & XP

Download (910MB)
https://ouo .io/7dUGN9V (remove the space before .io)

Wings_of_War_Repack.rar - CF675AC77C6528AA61680A26E75C3BE64F43D746A45908F9660F33DCFB9675E8

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