G-Nome (Full Game Repack Download)

G-Nome Full Game Repack Download

The game takes place in the year 2225, A.D., on the remote world of Ruhelen in the Omicron Reticuli star system. Humanity has become space-faring, under a government called the Union Alliance, which is at odds with the alien Scorp faction, as well as the Darkens and Mercs - all of whom vy for control of Ruhelen. The discovery of the mineral-rich Phygos star system nearby has upset the tenuous strategic balance of the four races, leading to speculation of an inevitable war. The player assumes the role of Sergeant Joshua Gant, a retired Union Intelligence Acency, (UIA), operative, who for the past ten years, has experiencing nightmares from a mission that resulted in the loss of his best friend and comrade, Ron Pearl. Gant is contacted by UIA director General Allance Wilkins, who reinstates him immediately for a covert mission. The Scorp have been conducting top-secret biological warfare experiments upon human prisoners of war, in order to create a mutated super-soldier dubbed the "G-Nome". Gant is to euthanize the G-Nome and destroy the Scorp facility that has been housing the experiments. For assistance, Gant is assigned a team that includes his old friend and munitions expert, Sergeant Stephen Kylie, the UIA's most accomplished geneticist, Doctor Victoria Thane and an undisclosed final member of the team operating within the Scorp territory.

Gant begins his mission by traversing the Darken Republic on foot and strategically taking out any opposition that would hinder his objective of rendezvousing with Kylie. United once again, the duo embark across the Merc territory to meet Thane, who has been on a separate assignment. Thane identifies some specialized Merc technology stored away at a facilitated structure called the Citadel upon a mesa called Caracon as the means of neutralizing the G-Nome. After acquiring the technology, the team heads for the Scorp territory.

Gant and his team bypass the heavily-defended Scorp border, where he is introduced to the final member of his team: Major Jack Sheridan, a Scorp specialist responsible for the loss of Pearl. Sheridan leads the team to the laboratory, then betrays the mission by killing Gant, capturing the G-Nome and allowing for Kylie to be captured by the Scorp. The Scorp ally with the UIA, to prevent Sheridan from cloning the G-Nome at a genetic recombination laboratory located within the volcanic Shalten Frontier.

Gant's team destroys the laboratory, though Sheridan kills Kylie immediately after. Gant pursues and kills Sheridan. The G-Nome breaks out of the cargo bay of Sheridan's vehicle, leading to Gant tranquilizing it. While examining a marker upon its paw, he discovers that Pearl is the G-Nome. Gant allows the G-Nome to flee before the UIA forces arrive. The G-Nome is seen heading toward the sunset in the ending credits of the game.

The UIA rummage through the remains of Sheridan's laboratory, where Wilkins personally retrieves a petri dish labelled "G-NOME: PEARL". In the aftermath, the Scorp declares war on the Union Alliance, in retaliation for the mission. Reports leak of a covert UIA operation intended to destroy the Scorp G-Nome facility, but are denied by both the Union and the Scorp, while Wilkins unexpectedly resigns, causing public speculation that the alleged operation ended in failure.

System Requirements
OS: Windows 95
CPU: Intel Pentium 120 MHz
RAM: 16 MB
Hard disk: 200 MB
GPU: SVGA, 256 colors

G-Nome Full Game Repack Download

G-Nome Full Game Repack Download

G-Nome Full Game Repack Download

G-Nome Full Game Repack Download

Repack Notes
- The game runs with DxWnd
- CD music included as well as manual inside gamedir
- Tested OK on Windows 10

Download (155MB)
https://ouo .io/qSZ2jx (remove the space before .io)

G-Nome_Repack.rar - EEF9F6237DF3DA2026090888B66F3D9556AC8EE02B6F0AEAD23B7DCE58F2D817

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