Myth II - Soulblighter (Full Game Repack Download)

Myth II - Soulblighter Full Game Repack Download

It is sixty years since the Great War, when Connacht, the hero who saved the world from the Myrkridia one thousand years previously, returned in the guise of Balor, and with his lieutenants, the Fallen Lords, attempted to destroy humanity. Alric, the only surviving Avatara, is now king of The Province, ruling from Madrigal. It is an age of peace and prosperity, with the Dark existing only in stories, although the fate of Soulblighter, Balor's chief lieutenant, remains unknown. The game opens with Alric experiencing a nightmare remembering the carnage of the War. He awakens to find a crow with red eyes at his window, watching him.

The game then cuts to a cluster of villages near Forest Heart. As with the first game, the story is told through the journal entries of a soldier in The Legion, which is now led by Crüniac, who the soldiers think is more interested in politics than military matters, and spends its time on what the men perceive as trivial errands. Their latest assignment has them investigate reports of grave robbing, however, they are shocked to find the village of Willow Creek besieged by undead Ghasts. They clear the village, and learn the grave robbing leads to the keep of Baron Kildaer. They head to the keep and see hundreds of Thrall moving towards Tallow. Crüniac sends a runner to warn the villagers, while The Legion attack the keep. Crüniac proves a more skilled military tactician than his men believed, masterminding an attack which results in Kildaer's death. Soon thereafter, the runner returns with news that every village in the vicinity has been destroyed, and an undead army is amassing nearby. Crüniac sets fire to the Keep, and The Legion flee into the Clouspine Mountains.

Their rearguard is attacked, and Crüniac mortally wounded. With his dying words, he reveals the undead are led by Soulblighter. The rest of The Legion make it to a World Knot and teleport to Madrigal, where they inform Alric of Soulblighter's return. Alric fears he is trying to find "The Summoner", who, it is foretold, will resurrect the Myrkridia. News soon arrives that Soulblighter has sacked several cities as he moves towards Madrigal, and that Shiver, a Fallen Lord killed during the Great War, has been resurrected. Alric is soon forced to abandon Madrigal, fighting his way through a Myrkridian assault led by Shiver.

The Legion head to Tandem, where Alric plans to hold the fortress at White Falls, on the river Meander, thus preventing Shiver from moving north. Meanwhile, he decides to find The Deceiver, a Fallen Lord who was openly antagonistic towards the others during the Great War. He was thought killed, but his actual fate remains unknown. Alric sends a small detachment to The Deceiver's last known location, and they learn he was trapped in the Dramas River when it froze solid around him, forcing him to use what little sorcery he had left to keep himself alive, unable to break free. The detachment locate and release him, and he advises them to head north to enlist the aid of the Trow, allies of his in ancient times. The Legion do so, and the Trow agree to join the fight against Soulblighter.

The detachment, The Deceiver and the Trow head south and meet with the rest of The Legion, learning Tandem has fallen. However, Alric has ordered The Legion to recapture Muirthemne, formerly Llancarfan, capital of the Cath Bruig Empire. His plan is to find the Ibis Crown in the city's haunted catacombs, and reclaim the title of Emperor, rallying humanity behind him. A small group of volunteers enter the crypts of the city and find the Crown, with Alric declared the new Emperor, and the journeymen resuming their position as the Emperor's Royal Guard; the Heron Guard.

Meanwhile, The Deceiver and a detachment travel to Forest Heart to locate a fragment of the Tain, in which Alric believes The Summoner to be hiding. They successfully find the fragment, enter the Tain, and kill The Summoner, cutting off Soulblighter from the Myrkridia. Acting on his own authority, The Deceiver then attacks Soulblighter's camp, but he and his men are captured. Phelot, a shade in charge of the prison, is in the service of The Deceiver, and frees them. The Deceiver attacks Soulblighter, who turns into a murder of crows to escape. He succeeds, but The Deceiver kills one of the crows, preventing him from fleeing in this manner again. The detachment then meet a scouting party near Silvermines; Alric and The Legion are moving to attack Soulblighter, but have been pinned down by Shiver, whom The Deceiver immediately heads to confront. He hunts her down, and Phelot destroys her army. The Deceiver then kills her, but her death triggers a magical energy backlash that also kills him.

With Shiver dead, Soulblighter is forced back against the Cloudspine. His army is defeated, but he flees into the volcano Tharsis, where he plans to shatter the Cloudspine itself, causing widespread devastation. Alric and The Legion pursue him, and Alric breaks the rock on which he stands, plunging him to his death in the molten lava. With Soulblighter's death, the narrator learns of "The Leveler", an immortal evil spirit. The forces of Light and Dark rule the world successively in thousand-year cycles, with each Age of Light climaxing with the arrival of The Leveler, who ushers in an Age of Darkness. The Leveler inhabits the body of the hero who defeated him in the previous cycle — thus the hero who saves civilization is destined to destroy it - as a result Connacht returned as Balor. Soulblighter was not The Leveler; he tried to force the cycle, and as a result may have broken it. Whether this is the case will not be known for over nine hundred years, when it comes Alric's time to assume the mantle of The Leveler.

System Requirements
OS: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP
CPU: Intel Pentium 200 MHz
RAM: 32 MB or 64 MB
Hard disk: 2.2 GB
GPU: SVGA graphics card

Myth II - Soulblighter Full Game Repack Download

Myth II - Soulblighter Full Game Repack Download

Myth II - Soulblighter Full Game Repack Download

Myth II - Soulblighter Full Game Repack Download

Repack Notes
- Patch v1.8.4
Also includes the Fear & Loathing editing tools inside gamedir
- Included Chimera & Green Berets expansions as well as:
Chimera Trees
ESRGAN Upscale Pack
Expansive Interface (1024 x 768)
Green Berets Interface
Green Berets QT Cutscenes
Green Berets Recon
Green Berets Jungle Factions
Magma Detail Texture Megapack
Magma - The Fallen Levels (Singleplayer + Multiplayer), TFL Physics Plugin, Real Craters, TFL Interface & Cutscenes
Myth II QuickTime Cutscenes
(Activate plugins by pressing on the Tagsets button before starting a new game)
- Tested OK on Windows 10 & XP
Make sure that you have QuickTime installed! Check out our "Tools & Runtimes" page for more info

Download (1.20GB)
https://ouo .io/29PwkR (remove the space before .io)

Myth_II_-_Soulblighter_Repack.rar - C18AEF413DE647175D02B3925687D6E722BDD7D51A436993A04556EFE5EB05FB

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