Mega Man X4 (Full Game Repack Download)

Mega Man X4 Full Game Repack Download

The storyline differs slightly depending on whether the player chooses X or Zero. Mega Man X4 takes place in an ambiguous year in the 22nd century (21XX), where humans coexist with intelligent androids called "Reploids". Following the third defeat of Sigma, a second Maverick Hunting group has arisen. The army, called the "Repliforce", is a military regime led by the giant Reploid General and his second-in-command, Colonel. Behind the scenes, Sigma has been trying to convince General that the Hunters are dangerous, and will turn on him. General dismisses Sigma, unwilling to betray the humans. Zero, meanwhile, is plagued by a recurring nightmare: a mysterious figure awakens him, calls him a "masterpiece", then orders him to destroy an unknown target.

The Sky Lagoon, a massive floating city, is sent crashing down onto the city below it, killing countless humans and Reploids. Either X or Zero is dispatched to investigate possible causes of the disaster, only to become entangled in a struggle to save the world. At the crash site, X and Zero encounter Colonel, and attempt to bring him back to Maverick Hunter HQ for investigation. Colonel denies Repliforce's involvement in the Sky Lagoon destruction, and refuses to disarm out of pride. Zero also rescues Iris, Colonel's kind-hearted sister, who was caught in the mayhem but is unharmed, and sends her to headquarters. The Repliforce thus begins a movement to claim independence from the human government and create a nation for Reploids only.

Back at headquarters, X is greeted by a rookie Hunter named Double, while Zero rendezvouses with Iris. Double and Iris outline the locations of the Reploid leaders who have sworn their loyalty to Repliforce, as well as Mavericks unaffiliated with Repliforce that are spreading chaos. Once four of the eight Mavericks are defeated, Colonel issues a challenge to X and Zero, which he either escapes from after defeat (X) or is stopped by the intervention of Iris (Zero). Once all eight Mavericks are beaten, X and Zero are sent to a space port where Colonel guards Repliforce's launch into outer space; Colonel dies after an ensuing battle. X and Zero infiltrate the Repliforce's space station, known as the Final Weapon, which is capable of destroying all human life on Earth. X must fight Double, who is revealed to be a double agent sent to gain information from the Hunters. Zero is forced to battle Iris, who is torn between the ideals of her brother and her feelings for Zero. Zero kills Iris in the confrontation, which causes him to break down in an existential crisis, as he questions his ideals and motives. Once Double, Iris, and General are defeated, Sigma reveals he caused the Sky Lagoon crash in order to instigate the conflict between the Maverick Hunters and Repliforce, and announces his intention to wipe out humanity. Additionally in Zero's scenario, Sigma reminds Zero of the time that Sigma led the Maverick Hunters, and of a vicious battle between the two that ended with Zero's apprehension as a Maverick. In the end, Sigma is destroyed, but reveals he already activated the Final Weapon. General then appears and sacrifices himself to destroy the Final Weapon, allowing X and Zero to escape and return to Earth.

In X's ending, he thinks back to the battles he had endured. Zero contacts X and tells him to return to Earth to rest. X begs Zero to promise to take care of him, should he become a Maverick himself. Zero tells X not to have such thoughts. In Zero's ending, he is wrought with pain and guilt for being unable to save any of the Repliforce members, and becomes heartbroken over the death of Iris. He then wonders to himself if all Reploids are destined to become Mavericks.

System Requirements
OS: Windows 95, 98
CPU: Intel Pentium 100 MHz
RAM: 24 MB
Hard disk: 400 MB
GPU: DirectX 5 compatible

Mega Man X4 Full Game Repack Download

Mega Man X4 Full Game Repack Download

Mega Man X4 Full Game Repack Download

Mega Man X4 Full Game Repack Download

Repack Notes
- Optional widescreen support with DxWnd
- Xinput controller support
- Tested OK on Windows 10 & XP
Upon exiting the game, the game's executable MMX4.exe may still continue running in the background

Download (290MB)
https://ouo .io/JbFVjrk (remove the space before .io)

Mega_Man_X4_Repack.rar - C85F1AFEA7FF3BBC07423B91ACD11441235B645245E3D414B5A644085AB68DC9

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