SimCity Classic Enhanced (Full Game Repack Download)

SimCity Classic Enhanced Full Game Repack Download

The original Sim City game was a revelation to thousands of computer gamers. It was a game where you could really affect the outcome of the game by the way you built your city, and was the forerunner of simulation games to come.
Since then, the franchise has been expanded with Titles like Sim Ant, Sim Farm, Sim Isle and Sim Safari. Then, in 1995, MacPlay came out with Sim City Enhanced.
Like Sim City 2000 Special Edition, Sim City Enchanced includes quicktime movies showing you how your city is progressing. Reports from your city managers are interspersed with quicktime movies of your city's residents responding to disasters, rioting, or just going about their daily lives.

However, it's in the disasters where the movies really stand out. Shots of actual disasters are overlaid with the voice of the Sim News Anchorwoman reporting on the disaster. Occasionally, we get to see the Sims responding to the disaster, either by running away in terror or by rioting.
This is not to say that the enhanced version is totally without flaws. Every time you click on a button, the voice of the city manager tells you what you have chosen and how much it costs. Startling at first, after a while, her voice becomes incredibly annoying.
So do the voices of your managers. While you do not need to build your city with roads, the game chides you if you do not build them. And hearing that you need to build roads... over and over again, will get on your nerves after a while.

Just like in the original game, Sims love to complain (sound just like real people, don't they?) and they will always find something to complain about. So, if the sims are complaining, it's not always a bad thing.

Graphics: A bit clunky by today's standards, but still acceptable and good.
Sound: Very loud, and occasionally annoying.
Enjoyment: Still incredibly enjoyable, even after all these years.
Replay Value: Endless. With new cities to build and scenarios to try, this will keep you busy for years.

System Requirements
OS: MS-DOS 6.2
CPU: Intel 386SX or Intel 486
RAM: 570 KB or 2 MB
Hard disk: 600 MB
GPU: 16-bit SVGA graphics card

SimCity Classic Enhanced Full Game Repack Download

SimCity Classic Enhanced Full Game Repack Download

SimCity Classic Enhanced Full Game Repack Download

SimCity Classic Enhanced Full Game Repack Download

Repack Notes
- The game runs with DOSBox v0.7.4-3
Install, run, play!
- Manual included inside gamedir

Download (350MB)
https://ouo .io/ok9O6Gs (remove the space before .io)

SimCity_Classic_Enhanced_Repack.rar - C4787D6FBB8F0AB394B33F1E3593A86C7A30ECA2EDC31DBCE6C5DD7B290F3450

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