Aliens versus Predator (Full Game Repack Download)

Aliens versus Predator Full Game Repack Download

Aliens Versus Predator is a sci-fi first-person shooter based on the associated two film franchises. The game has three playable species, and each has its own single-player campaign with different missions and plotlines.

- Aliens - Their only weapons are their own body parts: claws for close combat, their deadly tail, and their inner mouth that can crack through an enemy's skull (for an instant kill) if close enough. They are deadly at close range, and can heal by eating corpses or the heads of unsuspecting enemies. They can't be hurt through falls, and an alternate vision mode allows them to see clearly ahead through darkness. Their strength lies in flexibility and speed, and an ability to cling to walls and run along any surface - allowing a skilled player to escape or ambush from literally any 3D direction.

- Humans - U.S. Marines, as portrayed by Michael Biehn in the film 'Aliens'. Marines have strong firepower that ranges from the self-tracking SmartGun, all the way to rocket launchers and devistating six-barrel miniguns (as seen in 'Predator'). The Marines are the most familiar species to play as, with the gameplay style of typical FPS hero. However, their frailty at close range, and missions that leave them stranded, alone, surrounded by bloodthirsty extraterrestrials, make their experience closer to survival horror.

- Predators - Their power is their strength, and their sight. They have at least four ways of seeing the environment - standard vision, heat vision (highlighting Marines), electromagnetic vision (highlighting Aliens), and "Pred-Tech" (for highlighting fellow Predators and their technology). Their weapons are the most precise, deadly, and ranged of those in the game, being ideally suited to stealth-based gameplay. Predators also have the ability to zoom their view in and out when seeking someone, thus allowing them to snipe from afar. Their cloaking ability also renders them nearly invisible to enemy Marines.

There are several multiplayer modes. For a difficult game, you can pit all the players against the horde of computer creatures (which includes experimental robotic Aliens and tough Predalien hybrids). Alternatively, players can choose their favorite species and face each other in an arena-style deathmatch.

System Requirements
OS: Windows 95, 98
CPU: Intel Pentium MMX 200 MHz
RAM: 32 MB
Hard disk: 400 MB
GPU: 3dfx Voodoo Graphics, 4 MB of VRAM

Aliens versus Predator Full Game Repack Download

Aliens versus Predator Full Game Repack Download

Aliens versus Predator Full Game Repack Download

Aliens versus Predator Full Game Repack Download

Repack Notes
- Classic 2000 Edition (fully patched)
- Fixed music files as well as optional alternative menu music
- Unlimited saves as well as quick saving/loading with F5 & F9
- EAX support (untested)
- Tested OK on Windows 10

Download (330MB)
https://ouo .io/NUsqypY (remove the space before .io)

Aliens_versus_Predator_Repack.rar - 5369416F3B1C5E4D2A8888210BB567DFE336842ADCFD367E8D9C8AB0D62A11C6

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  1. I used it & it works but everytime you want to play it flags the windows defender but other than that it barely crashes. I advise quick saving in chase it does crash.


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