Zoo Tycoon (Full Game Repack Download)

Zoo Tycoon Full Game Repack Download

Zoo Tycoon is, as the title implies, a simulation game that allows the player to build and manage a zoo. The new manager starts from nothing, being given just a grass field and an entrance sign for the future zoo. He will then have to purchase animals, place them in exhibits, care for their health, and not forget about the other kind of animals - the visitors. To keep them happy, the manager should make the zoo comfortable, open restaurants, gift stands, and pet houses for children.

The game features over forty animal species. It also provides background information about the animals - their classes, origins, habits, etc.

System Requirements
OS: Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP
CPU: Intel Pentium MMX 233 MHz or Intel Pentium II 300 MHz
RAM: 32 MB or 128 MB
Hard disk: 1.1 GB
GPU: 4 MB of VRAM, DirectX 8.0a compatible

Zoo Tycoon Full Game Repack Download

Zoo Tycoon Full Game Repack Download

Zoo Tycoon Full Game Repack Download

Zoo Tycoon Full Game Repack Download

Repack Notes
- Complete Edition
- Includes some additional bonus materials that aren't in the CE by default
- Zookini launcher for widescreen support and additional settings, although when you set your desired screen resolution the menu and intro videos are not properly widescreened
Make sure to launch the "Advanced Settings" desktop shortcut as admin because it has been reported that this launcher doesn't always save the settings
- Manual & Game Guide included in gamedir\~DOX folder
- Tested OK on Windows 10 & XP

Download (900MB)
https://ouo .io/toX6rvG (remove the space before .io)

Zoo_Tycoon_Repack.rar - 2A57A0A08E3F5C5E88F18551C9C99384B00106B4B0853A23A8EFA1EA1D9B2E67

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