Beyond Good & Evil (Full Game Repack Download)

Beyond Good & Evil Full Game Repack Download

In the future, on the planet Hillys, the population suffers from constant attacks from the alien DomZ. The situation is gradually getting worse, as the rate of DomZ kidnapings increases. The Alpha Section forces, who are in charge of protecting citizens, seem to be completely ineffective, not even fighting the DomZ. In the midst of this situation, the secretive organization IRIS alleges that the Alpha Section is involved in a massive government conspiracy, and seeks to expose the truth through journalism.

The player controls a young reporter and photographer named Jade with her companions Pey'j and Double H. After experiencing first-hand a DomZ attack, she is contacted by IRIS, who recruits her as an action reporter. Jade is now tasked with infiltrating the Alpha Section, exposing the government conspiracy, and ultimately finding the truth for herself.

Beyond Good & Evil is an action game with diverse gameplay. Much of the game is based on stealth and puzzles, but there are sequences of racing, shooting, combat, and platform action. Jade fights with her staff and also uses various abilities to execute long-ranged attacks and solve puzzles. Many of the puzzles require switching between the characters and using their special abilities; often it is necessary to coordinate the actions of two characters to achieve precise co-operation that leads to a puzzle's solution. Besides hostile areas with puzzles and enemies, there is also a city and other friendly areas to explore, where various items and gadgets can (and sometimes must) be bought. There are several mini-games and even an online ranking system (used by entering codes online after they are assigned in-game when the game is saved).

System Requirements
OS: Windows 98 SE, ME, 2000, XP
CPU: 700 MHz Pentium III, Celeron, or AMD Athlon, 1.3 GHz with SSE
RAM: 256 MB
Hard disk: 2.2 GB
GPU: ATI Radeon 7200 or Nvidia GeForce 256, Hardware T&L, 32 MB of VRAM, DirectX 9.0b compatible

Beyond Good & Evil Full Game Repack Download

Beyond Good & Evil Full Game Repack Download

Beyond Good & Evil Full Game Repack Download

Beyond Good & Evil Full Game Repack Download

Repack Notes
- Based on the GOG version (Patch v1.01)
- Restored alt-tabbing
- The installer has 2 options to choose from, the first is the 60FPS-limited one (better & eliminates audio desync in the cutscenes but the game is pillarboxed) (Windows 7 and newer), or the pillarbox fix option (no FPS limit, audio desync in the cutscenes)
So if you choose the 2nd option you need to cap the game to 60FPS using Bandicam or your graphics driver's control panel (unless your monitor is 60Hz then you're fine)
- Optional ENB enhancements

Potential resolved issues:
- Central Hall glitches and crashing / Triangle key doesn't drop after defeating bots
1. Backup sally.idx and any slot*.sav files from the gamedir
2. Execute BGAEFix.exe in gamedir and select Central Hall Fix
3. Load the fixed save file, then take the extra key you get and give it to Double H, now open the door and go get your pic.
4. Once you get your pic, go back to the robot room, and save at the robot room once more (overwrite the same file you fixed (meaning save on top of it)).
5. Exit the game.
6. Open the patcher again, click on the same save file in the patcher and then click Central Hall Swap.
7. Now go play and you should be outside the room.

Download (1.40GB)
https://ouo .io/CANmaza (remove the space before .io)

Beyond_Good_&_Evil_Repack.rar - C41A470EC3F1AFB065BD5B3354C8F4E4690D60DA515367C1C723C734464401C7

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