Hot Wheels - Crash (Full Game Repack Download)

Hot Wheels - Crash Full Game Repack Download

In this game you are a stunt driver. Your goal is to produce the most spectacular crash possible. Drive one of 12 different Hot Wheels vehicles into one of 14 movie sets, controlling angle and velocity such that you will cause the wildest chain reaction of destruction. The more outrageous the crash, the higher you score. Levels include a construction site, fireworks factory, amusement park and more. After the stunt, you can check out the bird's eye view to perfect your crash technique. Additional levels are downloadable from the internet. Game package comes with a Hot Wheels car.

The object of the game as the title states, crash cars into buildings and structures in each level in order to earn points, with 100 being the goal. The game includes a total of 12 different vehicles and 25 different levels. There are 3 difficulties, and on each difficulty, there are 6 levels. Once 100 points on each level on a difficulty have been scored, a 7th level for the difficulty is unlocked that, after completion with 100 points, unlocks a special level. Once every special level for each difficulty has been fully completed, a final level is unlocked. There were also six downloadable levels available by typing down the password: "1234" on the Manuel, though the downloadable levels are now lost due to the shut down of the site.

System Requirements
OS: Windows 95
CPU: Intel Pentium
RAM: 16 MB
Hard disk: 220 MB
GPU: DirectX 6.1 compatible

Hot Wheels - Crash Full Game Repack Download

Hot Wheels - Crash Full Game Repack Download

Hot Wheels - Crash Full Game Repack Download

Hot Wheels - Crash Full Game Repack Download

Repack Notes
- The game runs with dgVoodoo
- Tested OK on Windows 10

There are supposedly 6 secret levels as DLCs (single zip file?), however they cannot be found anywhere as the site is down. So keep looking in the wild and let me know if you find them

Download (95MB)
https://ouo .io/wVKRqks (remove the space before .io)

Hot_Wheels_-_Crash_Repack.rar - DF73E1B303E98C50BDC8860B4EC7DFFFCB2C0FE633ABC59956E2BECF77811273

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