Mobile Forces (Full Game Repack Download)

Mobile Forces Full Game Repack Download

Mobile Forces is a modern era deathmatch and mission based multiplayer first person shooter with vehicles. The usual array of weapons (shotgun, assault rifle, etc...) is augmented with four different vehicles (from buggies to Armored Personnel Carriers) that can provide fast transport around the battlefield, hit and run fatalities, and mobile firing platforms.

The eight different modes of play include the standards (death match, capture the flag) and some that are less familiar (Safecracker, Detonation). All can be played on 11 different maps (ranging in size from large to very large) that are designed to take advantage of the speed at which distances can be covered on wheels.

In single player Mobile Forces, a player must earn points by succeeding in the various play modes (with and against bots). Once a player has enough points, the next map is unlocked. Multi-player on LAN or the internet allows competitors to jump on the backs of humvees and gun down passing soldiers.

System Requirements
OS: Windows 95, 98, ME, XP
CPU: Intel Pentium II 450 MHz or Intel Pentium III 700 MHz
RAM: 128 MB or 256 MB
Hard disk: 600 MB
GPU: 64 MB of VRAM, DirectX 8 compatible, Hardware T&L Support

Mobile Forces Full Game Repack Download

Mobile Forces Full Game Repack Download

Mobile Forces Full Game Repack Download

Mobile Forces Full Game Repack Download

Repack Notes
- Based on the GOG version 20000
- The game is rendered to the Direct3D9 API instead of the original 8 and also has dgVoodoo & is capped to 200FPS
- All the required fixes have been applied
- Tested OK on Windows 10, 11 & XP
If your sound device isn't configured at 44100 Hz (Windows default) then you might get crackling sounds from the game

Download (270MB)
https://ouo .io/r5m4LO (remove the space before .io)

Mobile_Forces_Repack.rar - ECBFEF42318D90F10E73670C795C94DDE9B5C88D197A08122CD0233924190775

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