Games with no official cracks

Hey all Retro Gamers! In order to broaden our game base, we have decided to start repacking some old games that don't have an official NoCD (crack) for them. The reason behind this, is, just like with any other old game, some installers come as 16-bit which do not work on modern systems, leave a lot of crap after installation, have different compatibility issues and etc. etc... So, this is where we can solve those problems. Just like all other games that we have done, each repack is handled with much love & care, made sure it's working and fully compatible with Windows 10, tested & re-tested!

So, what's the deal, you might ask?
Everything is going to be the way we have always done it. The only difference now, is that when we release a game with no official crack for it, the actual game CD image will be included with the repacked game files. When you click the game shortcut, it will execute a batch script. This script will take care for you the mounting of the virtual CD image of the game and start the main game executable. Simple as that!

There are only 2 things you need to have:
  • A virtual CD program such as Daemon Tools Lite
  • A virtual CD drive (this is activated through the virtual CD program)

For the script to actually work, you must associate the file extensions (.iso, .cue, .bin, .bwt, .ccd) with your virtual CD program (Daemon Tools).

So, that's it for now. Have fun & enjoy!

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