NickToons Racing (Full Game Repack Download)

NickToons Racing Full Game Download

Nicktoons Racing is another Mario Kart clone using cartoon characters from Nickelodeon. The gameplay follows the standards closely: the player controls one of the characters to win races on tracks filled with scattered power-ups and ramps. A meter at the top of the screen shows the current position and the amount of nitro fuel available. Extra fuel can be collected as shiny orbs on the road. The gift boxes contain random power-ups, like coconuts to throw at the other racers, flash lights to temporally blind them, and traps like baby powder, trash cans and green goo to slow down the competition.

The game has four modes for single player. The main cups mode is the championship, where the objective is to arrive at least in third place to qualify for the next race. In time trial mode, the goal is to complete laps as fast as possible, with a ghost car showing the fastest performance to be surpassed. Race for fun is a practice mode, where any of the tracks can be explored without the pressure to win. In relay mode, the player switches characters after each lap.

There are three modes for multiplayer. The cups and relay modes are similar to their solo counterparts, but splitting the screen horizontally in the middle to show the two players. The versus mode is the "one on one" mode, where two players compete directly against each other without any other racers.

System Requirements
OS: Windows 95, 98
CPU: Intel Pentium 166 MHz
RAM: 32 MB
Hard disk: 900 MB
GPU: 4 MB of VRAM, DirectX 7 compatible

NickToons Racing Full Game Download

NickToons Racing Full Game Download

NickToons Racing Full Game Download

NickToons Racing Full Game Download

Repack Notes
- This repack comes with the actual CD image for the game, as there is no crack for it
OR if you want, you can burn the image to a physical CD to play the game
Running the game shortcut will automatically take care the mounting and starting the game for you
- dgVoodoo included

Repack v2 changelog:
- New component-based installer

Repack v3 changelog:
- The game now runs with DxWnd and this repack is no longer considered 'NoCrack'

Repack v4 changelog:
- Fixed hang on startup and in some occasions the previous repack didn't work at all (no guarantees that it will now work for you). Previously it used dgVoodoo which caused this issue and now it uses DDrawCompat v0.4.0 (with DxWnd)

Download (420MB)
https://ouo .io/pR5n6F (remove the space before .io)

NickToons_Racing_Repack_v4.rar - C56744298EA734137DB046CD175B660EF2B51106B665B3E4EBAA3120FD554AE6

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