December 2020 Update!

Hey all Retro gamers, fans & friends! We'd like to announce you our December 2020 update! If you missed the November 2020 update, you can read it here.

Over 23 new game repacks:

We have updated our first 31 repacks!
The reason behind this is that they used old and prone to failure & corruption installer, the main software that made those installers hasn't been updated since 2011 or it's simply abandoned. They had weak CRC code checks and sometimes when you wanted to uninstall a particular game, it would show up on the uninstallation page that it used 4.00TB of disk space. That simply can't be true. As a matter of fact, these new installers even save some more megabytes than before.

Also, some of the updated games have updated dgVoodoo wrappers (resulting in far superior graphics than before), or new patch additions or fixing a bug here and there. Here's the list:

Right now we have a total of 209 repacks! Give or take...
Since we started on 8th of May, 2020. Damn! We can't imagine how it got us here, there was so much sweat, nerves & cursing for sure ;)

We are taking a break!
For a month or two to clear our heads and take care of other things.
It's a bit early yet, but we would like to wish you happy holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2021! See you again next year, have endless fun!

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