January 2021 News

Hey all! Hope you had great holidays. We were temporarily closed for maintenance. Basically what happened is, we got "attacked" by automated copyright bots and some links went offline, but now they are restored back online with new SHA256 sums. Every link now is protected with a captcha to prevent bots from automatically reporting links. If you see wrong or broken links, please inform us here or in the comments section of the broken link game. If you are using Firefox, you might have problems when viewing the protected links with an error message "domain / ckey mismatch". Works fine on Google Chrome & TOR Browser.

In addition, we made some tweaks to the site design. Hope you like it! It seems like it doesn't appear properly on mobile phones when viewed vertically, but looks fine when viewed horizontally. Either way, this blog was meant to be browsed from desktop.

Gone Ad-free!

For the time being. Since having ads didn't make much sense anyway, when our monthly earnings were 1-2 dollar cents. If you love our work, then please consider donating some coins! Any and all amounts are much appreciated.

New additions:
Yeah, not many but heartily. Expect more releases next month as we are returning to work ;)

Updated releases:

That's it for now. Have fun & see you next time!

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