SimTower (Full Game Repack Download)

SimTower Full Game Repack Download

Maxis takes their Sim-building line vertical with SimTower, an original concept from Japan (where vertical living is much more commonplace than in many parts of the world).

Your goal is to build a skyscraper that is both tall, aesthetically pleasing, popular, and, most importantly, economically profitable. To be successful, your building cannot just be endless levels of office space or purely an apartment sky-rise, but rather a multi-functional haven for humanity featuring everything from penthouses to theatres, restaurants to shopping malls. The centerpiece of your tower design is your elevators and proper management is key.

You can watch your Sims enter and leave your grand tower, getting impatient waiting for elevators, or having a hectic workday at the office. You can even train in on one or two, to serve as a metering stick for their compatriots, or just to peek into the average workday of the little people living in your building. Or watch the security and rescue crews race as disasters like bomb threats and fires rampage through your well-crafted skyscraper.

The PlayStation version adds an additional bonus map.

System Requirements
OS: Windows 3.x
CPU: Intel Pentium
Hard disk: 30 MB
GPU: DirectX 3.0 compatible

SimTower Full Game Repack Download

SimTower Full Game Repack Download

SimTower Full Game Repack Download

SimTower Full Game Repack Download

Repack Notes
- The game runs with DOSBox v0.74-3 & Windows 3.11
Install, run, play!
- Patch v1.1b

Download (10MB)
https://ouo .io/2iRWMTM (remove the space before .io)

SimTower_Repack.rar - 6A9822DCE2546206D9FB5DDE84A5A8DC4D9090026A00C6594A74378A9F23EFE2

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