Super Mario 64 (Full Game Repack Download)

Super Mario 64 Full Game Repack Download

Mario is invited to Peach's castle, but when he arrives Peach is nowhere to be seen. He soon learns from Toad that Bowser has once again kidnapped her. The Koopa King has also put a spell on her castle, imprisoning her subjects. So it is up to Mario to break the spell and rescue Peach.

Super Mario 64 is the first Mario game done entirely with 3D graphics. The core gameplay is similar to previous platform installments, focusing on jumping, avoiding obstacles, and defeating enemies. Levels can be explored without time limits. Stars must be collected in order to unlock new areas, eventually gaining access to various parts of Bowser's castle. Defeating Bowser on each floor procures keys necessary to unlock big doors and enter other floors, which contain more areas.

Mario has more moves at his disposal in this installment. Besides running and jumping, he can now walk, crouch, crawl, climb, and punch enemies. Double and triple jumps, long jumps, wall jumps, and backflips can be executed as well. Swimming underwater now depletes Mario's oxygen level. Items must be picked up and carried in some instances in order to solve puzzles.

Power-ups include the Wing Cap, which allows Mario to fly; the Metal Cap, which protects him from damage (including environmental hazards such as poisonous gas); and the Vanish Cap, which makes Mario ethereal, allowing him to walk through certain obstacles (such as wire mesh). Mario can also enter cannons and be shot from them; combining this with the flying ability grants access to high areas.

System Requirements
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 (64 bit only)
CPU: Just about any x64 should do
RAM: 128 MB
Hard disk: 200 MB
GPU: OpenGL 2.x or DirectX 9 compatible, 64 MB of VRAM

Super Mario 64 Full Game Repack Download

Super Mario 64 Full Game Repack Download

Super Mario 64 Full Game Repack Download

Super Mario 64 Full Game Repack Download

Repack Notes
- The game runs with the SM64Plus launcher, v3.0.0 (PC Port)
- 64bit only!
IMPORTANT NOTE (27 Feb, 2023)
I get some questions about the game not running or running too fast. By default the game runs with DirectX 11, so make sure that your video hardware is not a potato and you have the latest video drivers installed! It can be switched to DirectX 12 or OpenGL 2.x (in the launcher settings). If the game runs too fast for you, switch the video backend to OpenGL or check this link:
Also check out this (and generally read the FAQ!):

Download (70MB)
https://ouo .io/159p7R (remove the space before .io)

Super_Mario_64_Repack.rar - A1FDF3F641C7D8634E627FBEA407570807320CBD706C2D959DD1C79FCE76C704

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