January 2022 News!

Greetings everybody! Long time no see! Hopefully everyone is doing OK. Did you think we were dead? No! We just have more life responsibilities nowadays than when we started back in 2020.

Not much has happened in the past year or so, the FAQ page has been updated with a new useful tip that you might struggle with, so check it out! If you still haven't noticed, we have an official repository on Archive.org. New releases will be uploaded there first, before they are published here in the blog. (see update at the bottom of this post) You might as well join our Discord server to keep track of what's new and other stuff. We also replaced our link-protection provider safelinking.net with a paid one. This will solve the almost constant downtime of safelinking.net and will also cover our Mediafire & domain expenses.
And as always, let's begin with the new releases!

New (72)

Updated (15)

Update 28 April, 2022
Our archive.org repo got taken down for unknown reasons (most probably copyright) and I have no plans of getting it back up for the time being due to my internets being slow and choppy. Users might decide to make mirrors but they won't be official and you are on your own. Don't complain about malware! Always use magipacks.blogspot.com or magipack.games
Stay tuned for more upcoming repacks very soon!

Like always, if you see dead or broken links, let us know!
That's all folks for now. See ya next time (hopefully this year)!


  1. That's really bad that the MagiPack archive.org account has been taken down.
    Luckily I was able to download some games before that accident that are more likely not to appear in digital software stores (Wolfenstein 2009, Black & White 1-2 and Virtua Fighter 1-2).
    You did really good job to make almost forgotten video games running under Windows 10 without registry tinkering. :)

    1. All games that were on the archive.org can also be obtained from the main site, here. Nothing is lost. Next month the new update will be announced

    2. Hey Mágito, check the history of the item (it is available even if the item gets deleted). It could have been related to the virustotal API which Archive uses. It always gives false detections left and right.

      Good job with these repacks.


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