June 2022 News!

Greetings everybody! After much hard work and months we finally made it with the new batch. Not much news except that as you might already know our Archive.org repo is no more which was mentioned in the previous post 'January 2022 News'. Don't forget to always read the repack notes and check the FAQ page to save yourself potential trouble! And with that out of the way, let's begin with the new stuff!

New (121)

Updated (18)

Minor Update 08/Jul/2022
In the coming days we will be changing our link protection service with one that offers less "cancer" as some might say, thus allowing you to obtain the repacks easier. Stay tuned
EDIT (13/Jul/2022)
All links have been updated

And with today's batch our total amount of repacks got to 489. Yay!
If you see broken or dead links let us know! Have a fantastic summer and see ya next time!

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